617 Squadron [concept]


617 Squadron [concept]
The Dam Busters; X Squadron; [concept]


617 Squadron was formed at RAF Scampton in March 1943 specifically to attack the Eder, Möhne and Sorpe dams. Its motto became Après moi le deluge (After me the flood). After the attack on the dams, 617 Squadron was retained as a precision bombing unit and moved to RAF Woodhall Spa in January 1944. The squadron used the 12 000 lb Tallboy bomb against the Saumur rail tunnel and U-boat pens and against the Tirpitz. The squadron also used the 22,000 lb Grand Slam to destroy the Bielefeld railway viaduct in 1945.
It was disbanded in 1956 but has been reformed several times and is currently operational.
It was stationed at: RAF Scampton, RAF Coningsby, RAF Woodhall Spa and RAF Waddington.
Aircraft flown included: Lancaster, Mosquito and P-51.
Wartime losses: 194


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