RAF Coningsby [entry point]


RAF Coningsby [entry point]


RAF Coningsby was a Bomber Command station located in Lincolnshire, 8 miles (13 kms) south-west of Horncastle.

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It opened in November 1940, as part of 5 Group. 106 Squadron moved to the station in February 1941 equipped with Hampdens97 Squadron followed in March 1941, with Manchesters. 106 Squadron converted to Manchesters in February 1942 but then both squadrons started to receive Lancasters in May 1942 and both moved out in September 1942 whilst concrete runways were laid. 617 Squadron moved to RAF Coningsby in August 1943 but was replaced in January 1944 by 619 Squadron and 61 Squadron. In April 1944 the station became home to 83 Squadron and 97 Squadron returned, both with Lancasters to act as marker squadrons for 5 Group. RAF Coningsby is still operational.

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