226 Squadron [concept]


226 Squadron [concept]


226 Squadron was formed in Italy in 1918 and reformed in 1937. In September 1939 it was part of the Advanced Air Striking Force in France flying Battles. It suffered heavy losses and regrouped at RAF Sydenham before moving to RAF Wattisham as part of 2 Group in May 1941. In 1943 the squadron became part of the 2nd Tactical Air Force, operating in support of the Normandy invasion. As the Allies advanced towards Germany, the squadron moved to Vitry-en-Artois in France and Gilze-Rijen in Holland , operating in support of the advancing armies to the end of the war.
It was stationed at: RAF Swanton Morley and RAF Hartford Bridge.
Aircraft flown included: Battle, Blenheim, Boston and B-25.
Wartime losses: 136


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