Reg Jaques biography



Reg Jaques biography


Account of wartime service of Charles Reginald Jaques who joined the Royal Air Force in 1941 despite being in a reserved occupation. Includes training as a navigator in Canada and Great Britain, his commission, posting to 103 Squadron at Royal Air Force Elsham Wold and his death when his Lancaster JB670 collided with another Lancaster LM332 from 576 Squadron over Ulceby on 16 December 1943.

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Charles Reginald Jaques

24th March 1913-16th December 1943

Born: Coundon, Bishop Auckland Co. Durham

Married: Gwendoline Betty Stokes 1st January 1941 at Gnosall Staffs.

Occupation: Chief financial officer, Newport (Shropshire) Local Authority (a reserved occupation)

Service WW11


August 5th 1941 date of enlistment. Official number 1577665 Aircraftsman second class

August 6th 1941 Service commenced "for the duration of the current emergency"

Unit Birmingham Training Reserve

August 6th 1941 Recommended for training as Pilot/Observer 26 Air Crew School (statement says "not to be employed other than as pilot or Observer without reference to Air Ministry (M.7)”

November 3rd 1941 transferred to 1ACRC (Air Crew School)

December 18th 1941 graduated as a Sergeant. RAF NPO 106 Ontario

December 31st 1941 Rank noted as AC2 (Aircraftsman Second Class). Very good character and trade as Aircraftsman/Observer


January 7th 1942 No 1 RAF Station Moncton New Brunswick

January 17th 1942 transferred to 3 ITW (initial Training Wing)

24th February 1942 transferred to Canada

Moncton New Brunswick, Ontario, Niagara Falls photograph (Pilot Officer)

Home on the Queen Mary used as a troop ship (Auntie Adge)

April 1st 1942 transferred to 1EAOS (Air Observer School) rank Observer

April 29th 1942 photograph Eastbourne. No 1 E.O.A.S (Air Observer School)

December 12th 1942 rank LAC (Leading Aircraftsman) . Very good character rank U/t/Observer

December 17th 1942 Para. 652(14) discharged on appointment to a temporary commission.

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Total service 1 year 135 days.

Total Qualifying service 1 year 47 days

December 18th 1942 31 A.N.S (Air Navigation School) unit on appointment ? sergeant


30th March 1943 Granted a commission for the emergency RAFVR (Royal Air Force volunteer Reserve)

2nd April Kingstown Carlisle Pilot Officer. ground instrument training, map reading in Tiger Moths, "due for 1st flight today"

30th April 1943 Flying Officer with effect from 15th June 1943

May 25th 1943 ???? Navigator training No 10(0) AFU (Advanced Flying Unit)

June 4th 1943 Aircrew (Navigator) NO 30 OTU (Operational Training Unit)

June 30th 1943 Dumfries/Harrogate. Flying hours 35 days and 11 nights

8th July 1943 letter Mum to Auntie Edna, Reg stationed 14 miles away? Seighford or Hixon. "using his bike to get home"

????"? date No 30 OUT(Operational Training Unit}

September 6th 1943 New crew. He says has changed stations from Hixon to its satellite of Seighford 3 miles from Gnosall

September 14th 1943 No 1662 CU 1 Group Flying (Navigator)

September 15th to report to Lindholm Doncaster a conversion unit for Halifax and Lancaster

8th October 1943 -3rd November 1943 RAF Blyton undertaking ground studies

3rd November 1943 RAF Blyton

November 12th 1943 No 103 Squadron Navigator Operational Flying

November?? RAF Elsham Wolds

December 15th 1943 letter written to Auntie Edna. He had been shopping in Scunthorpe for Christmas present for Maureen, Val and Pauline. Parcels at PO. Due for leave 22nd December.

December 16th Lancaster JB670 took off at 16.37 hours for Berlin. Collide with Lancaster LM332 576 Squadron over Ulceby. He, Flight Sergeant Richter and Sergeant Plampton were attached to 103 Squadron from 576 Squadron. Told scratch crew as Flu in the camp

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December 23rd buried with the crews of both planes at Cambridge City cemetery (RAF Regional cemetery) Mum (Betty Stubbins),Widow, Auntie Adge(Marion Slater) sister in law, Uncle Jack(Jaques) Auntie Vera(Waters) Auntie Edna(Wilson), siblings, attended

Details from record of service in the Royal Air Force

Details from family, letters and photographs and diary of John(Jack) Jaques



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