Letter from David Boldy to his father



Letter from David Boldy to his father


Letter from David Boldy to his father about being stationed in Scotland and visiting Edinburgh.




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2nd. June.

My darling Dad,

We are more or less used to the routine of the station we are now at. It is an operational station & consequently we have quite an easy time. So far we have had no duties to perform. There are some lovely fighter planes here Spitfires & Hurricanes; Also a couple of trainers. We will probably go up for a flip before we leave and are posted.

We were [deleted] posted [/deleted] payed [sic] the other day & decided to Celebrate in Edinburgh. We went to the Scottish Art Exhibition which was very interesting. There were a couple of Royal Academy paintings hanging up. after that we had some Tea and then went to a variety show which was excellent. We were in the stalls for 1/-. A lady behind us bought the three of us a two penny slab of chocolate each. Awfully decent of her. She had a couple

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of kids with [deleted] us [/deleted] here [sic]. After the show we went dancing to the local night club for 1/6, and had to leave just when things were livening up.

the B.E.F. for all the battering they got put up a damn good show. I still think we will beat Hell out of Hitler & Co before long, even if Mussolini comes in Though I must say Hitler has done pretty well so far.

It is Sunday to-day & most of us are just lazing around the [indecipherable]. I shall not go out for as couple of days. I am conserving my financial power 2/- a day for the strategic moments. Of course I have had a very liberal allowance from Mum so far. I shan’t need any money or not much when I start drawing 6/6 a day.

No more to-day. God bless & keep you for us.

[underlined] Love Dave [/underlined].



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