Letter to George Shephard Johns



Letter to George Shephard Johns


A hand written letter sent to George Shephard Johns from a relative. The letter concerns sending sympathies to George on the death of his mother. The letter also provides general family updates concerning George's relatives.



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Two page hand written letter with envelope


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Master Geo: Johns.
21 Barrow Street.
[underlined] Staffs [/underlined]
[page break]
Manfield Nursing Home
Upper Gungate,
Friday Nov. / 21 / 40
My dear [underlined] George [/underlined]
I was pleased to get your letter today, but so sorry to hear the news. We send your father [symbol] all of you our deepest sympathy; Roy is very sad about it; [symbol] he wishes you were coming here for your half term holiday, perhaps you [symbol] Brian could have managed it if we had known earlier in the week, by the time you receive this I expect your holiday will be over. I am very pleased your father has a housekeeper who will be kind to you [symbol] Billy, you had an excellent mother [symbol] I’m sure you will all miss her very much. My mother died when I was 18 months old [symbol] when I was young I always envied boys [symbol] girls who had a mother’s love. We were hoping during the summer your father [symbol] mother would have a trip to Tamworth, but this awful war has altered everything for everybody. Tamworth has 500 children evacuated here [symbol] last- Saturday came the same number of mothers
[page break]
[symbol] their children from London who have been bombed out of their homes. The outskirts have had bombs but nearly all of them fell in fields, but Tamworth itself has suffered no damage whatever up to now we get the sirens [symbol] we can hear the A. A. Guns going off at B-Ham [symbol] Coventry. We have 4 beds made up in the cellar [symbol] 2 girls [symbol] my daughters 2 children from London sleep down there it is much better than having to get them up every time the siren goes. Well, now about Roy, he left school last-term (July) [symbol] passed his final Exam, also in his Spanish he gained a Scholarship which has admitted him to B-Ham University; he comes home every night. He has been told by me of the big Professors in Language, that he can take his degree, so now he is an undergraduate studying for French Honours. He will be at the University 3 years I expect, [symbol] when he has passed his Exams he will take a post-in a Secondary School as a Master of Languages. When you see Rhona [symbol] Pauline give them my love [symbol] the news about Roy’s success [symbol] please tell them I will write to them one day; you will be sorry to know Mr Upton died Sept 29th he was 85 years old. he had a good life but we miss him very much.
Mr Tildesley is now an Inspector in a Government Factory about 10 miles from Stafford, he comes home week ends when he can get away we are hoping to see him tomorrow.
Now remember we shall be pleased to have you [symbol] Brian when you can come.
[indecipherable] love to you all.
Yours sincerely nurse


“Letter to George Shephard Johns,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 29, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/44171.

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