Airmen outside wooden huts



Airmen outside wooden huts


A group of RAF personnel outside some wooden huts behind them. Accompanying the photograph is a newspaper cutting describing the change of training methods for aircrew.

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Air Crews Train at Fighter Station
Volunteers for air crew duties may now undergo their early training on actual operational stations in quiet sectors instead of in training schools “behind the lines.” This is a new training experiment which has just been introduced to speed up the initial training of air crews.
The first of these experiments is now being made at a fighter station in the North-East of England where a class of some 50 future pilots, navigators and air gunners is under instruction.
Their “classroom” is the station lecture room and during their free hours they have an opportunity of seeing at work the Spitfire squadrons located there and of meeting pilots- young men who, less than twelve months ago, were themselves “at school.” This “front line” environment has added still further enthusiasm of the young trainee and made even more determined to qualify for active service at the earliest possible moment.
The education officer who takes the class in “maths” and navigation has a high opinion of his pupils’ promise and of the way in which these young men, drawn from all walks of life, have already acquired the team spirit. Among them are a bank clerk and a butcher, a civil servant and a carpenter, a lithographer and a laboratory assistant, an artist and an oxyacetylene cutter’s mate, a medical student and a miner, a sanitary inspector and a school teacher.



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