Thompson, Jean


Thompson, Jean
Howe, Jean


Eight items. The collection concerns Corporal Jean Thompson (b. 1920 Royal Air Force) and contains photographs. She served as a WAAF at Bawtry Hall, 1 Group RAF Bomber Command Headquarters.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Stephen Howe and catalogued by Benjamin Turner.




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Thompson, J

Collection Items

Airmen outside wooden huts
A group of RAF personnel outside some wooden huts behind them. Accompanying the photograph is a newspaper cutting describing the change of training methods for aircrew.

Airmen outside station headquarters
A group of RAF personnel outside station headquarters. On the reverse are the date "July 1941" ant the signatures: B S Burgess, R W Jaad, J.Thomson, [indecipherable], Weni Dwels, Twiddle, L Gow, W Mackenzie, Y G Grant, F Levias O’Rillp, D E…

Jean Thompson with WAAF personnel
Jean Thompson is standing with two other women, all wearing Women's Auxiliary Air Force uniforms. On the reverse:
"1. Edith 2. Me [Jean Thompson] 3. Beryl" "J 6195"

King's appreciation letter
A letter signed by the Secretary of State for Air, Harold Macmillan, on behalf of the King, addressed to Jean Thompson for distinguished service. Accompanying the letter is a portrait photograph of Jean Thompson in a WAAF uniform.

WAAF personnel
A collection of photographs. Some are head and shoulder portraits. The other photographs show groups of women wearing Women's Auxiliary Air Force uniforms.

Four portraits of WAAF personnel
Four head and shoulder portrait photographs of Women's Auxiliary Air Force personnel wearing WAAF uniforms. Top left: Beryl, bottom left: Pat 'Little Dot', bottom right: Pamela Hiosell.
On the reverse of two of the portraits are hand written…

WAAF personnel working
Members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force a seated at desks using teletypes. Signatures on the the reverse: Lee Pickering, Fay Parker, [indecipherable] Watson, M. Rhicles.

Bawtry Hall 1942- Hut 7
A collection of head and shoulder portrait photographs on a piece of card. The photographs are annotated with names and dates of WAAF personnel at Bawtry Hall: [indecipherable], Pat Garlick, Pamela Hiosell, Joan Shingler, Cissy Ward, Marion…
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