Letter from David Boldy to his father



Letter from David Boldy to his father


Letter form from David Boldy to his father about settling in with his friend as air gunners on the same crew. He misses his girl friend Babe, who he left in East London five months before. Thanks for the birthday wishes and the subsequent night out in Lincoln.


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923995 Sgt. D.A. Boldy

[underlined] R.A.F [/underlined]


My darling Dad,

Thanks awfully for your nice letters received just after I had finished my last one to you.

The first cable you received from me which had sans origine on it was from Gibraltir [sic] not home. They never give the place [deleted] from [/deleted] of origin when troops are travelling.

I was sorry to hear about poor old Don. Didn’t realise he must be getting on in years.

Hope Mr Phil Joseph feels better soon. I shall send you some of the last snaps I took in S. Africa as soon as I can get them printed. It is rather difficult at the moment but I shall have another try.

You mustn’t worry about me dad, whatever happens. I am perfectly happy. In fact had another stroke of luck the other day. We had all been given news when we first joined the squadron. My rear gunner has finished his 200 hours & is now off flying. When I learnt that I battled

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like blazes & as a result my best pal Ajan & I are now on the same plane. I am rear gunner, quite a key man in the night raidings these days. We shall give it a good crack together. Real ace gunners together.

Thanks awfully for the birthday wishes & the £-5. We gave it a good bang on my last leave. Should be getting some more leave in about 5 week’s time.

Have only been out once since I last wrote. Went into Lincoln intending to go to a theatre but couldn’t get in, so had a drink & a meal instead. Am quite content to stay in these days. I wish I had my girlfriend Baby here. Have not been in the slightest bit charmed by anyone since I left her – A period of 5 months.

It certainly was damn decent of Shirley to lend me the money. Thanks for stumping up Dad.

No more to-day. God bless and look after you. Lots of love.

[underlined] Dave. [/underlined]



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