George, David Burrows


George, David Burrows
D B George


14 items. The collection concerns Sergeant David Burrows George (1796593 Royal Air Force) and contains operation reports, correspondence, a biography and photographs. He flew operations as a flight engineer with 153 Squadron and was killed 22 January 1945.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Shelagh Wright and catalogued by Barry Hunter.

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George, DB

Collection Items

US Army Marksman Medal
A medal awarded by the US Army to a marksman. Underneath are three bars for Pistol-D, Aerial Bomber and Aerial Gunner.

David Burrows George
A colourised head and shoulders portrait of David, as a trainee.
A post-it has 'David Burrows George. KIA 22.1.45'.

No 8 (War) Signals Course
24 airmen arranged in three rows. Behind is a wooden building. On the reverse each man, including David George, has signed his name.

Eric Daniels
A head and shoulders portrait of an airman.

No 60 Course, Officers' School
Photograph of a large group of trainee officers at Rutland Hall, Loughborough. Eric Daniels is tenth from the left on the second row from the back. Eric was married to Anne, David's sister. Each officer is named in the caption…

David George
A head and shoulders portrait of David as a trainee.

David George's Grave
Three photographs of David's grave.
#1 is a general view of the cemetery where he rests.
#2 is a close up of his grave.
#3 is his cross with a woman tending to flowers.

Bangor Airman Presumed Killed
A newspaper cutting with the news of George's presumed death.

David Burrows George
A biography of David from his birth in Bangor, Northern Ireland. He died at the age of 21. A tribute was printed in The Spectator.

Flashbacks to My Tour with the Americans
An diary kept of operations, starting 1st to 18th December then 8 May 1944 to July 30th 1944.

Flight Lieutenant E Daniels - Mentioned in Despatches
A King's Order for E Daniels, mentioned in despatches for distinguished service. E Daniels is George's brother in law.

Raid Report Book - 9 Squadron
A record of operations conducted by 9 Squadron aircraft between 15 February and 26 March 1944.

Letter to Next of Kin of Sergeant DB George
The letter advises that Mr and Mrs C Huttjes have adopted David's grave in Venlo, Holland. The family has ordered flowers to be laid regularly.

Letter from David George to his Sister
He writes about her new baby girl. Davis has been posted to Scampton and has had several operations over Europe. His quarters and food are good. He talks about friends and asks her to write.
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