Registered numbers and squadron letters (& fate) of Manchester & Lancasters flown



Registered numbers and squadron letters (& fate) of Manchester & Lancasters flown


List one Manchester and 10 Lancasters at RAF Wigsley May - June 1943. On 106 Squadron at RAF Syerston and RAF Metheringham between June 1943 and February 1944, lists 16 Lancasters. At No 5 Lancaster Finishing School between February and November 1944 at RAF Syerston, lists 46 Lancasters. At 227 Squadron RAF Balderton November 1944 to March 1945, lists 27 Lancasters. On 106 Squadron, second tour at RAF Metheringham between April and October 1945, lists 23 Lancasters. Then gives total hours flown on Lancaster, York, Stirling, Manchester, Wellington, Oxford, C-47 and Tiger Moth.



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[inserted] W.R.P. PERRY. DFC. AIRCRAFT FLOWN. [/inserted]

[underlined] Registered Numbers & Sqdn letters (& fate) of Manchester & Lancasters flown. [/underlined]

[underlined] 1654 HCU Wigsley May – June '43 [/underlined] (Training).

Manchester L7492 ?
Lancaster R5483 Lost Jan. '44 622 Sqdn.
R5690 Scrapped Oct. '46.
R5730 Crashed March '45 1656 HCU.
R5514 Scrapped Nov. '46.
W4260 Crashed Aug. '43 1654 HCU.
ED591 Crashed July '43 1654 HCU
W4303 ?
L7575 Mid-air break-up Oct. '43. 1654 HCU.
R5734 Missing March '44. 61 Sqdn.
ED704 ?

[underlined] 106 Sqdn, Syerston & Metheringham, June '43 – February '44. [/underlined] (1st Tour).

Lancaster R5614 [symbol] 'Z' (Carried 8000 lb 'cookie'. Crashed Syerston, Aug '43.
ED303 [symbol] 'J' Lost. July '43.
ED358 [symbol] 'T' Lost. Oct. '43.
ED819 'U' Lost. Sep. '43.
ED593 [symbol] 'Y' (Became 'C' at 5LFS & then moved to 1656 HCU.
ED801 'N' Crashed March '45 1653 HCU.
DV182 [symbol] 'S' Lost Sep. '43.
JA976 'P' Lost Apr. '44 405 Sqdn.
DV229 [symbol] 'Z' Lost Jun. '44 463 Sqdn.
JA876 'R' soc Nov. '47. (soc – struck off charge).
W4897 'X' soc Jan. '44.
DV344 'S' soc (Berlin) Jan. '44. 61 Sqdn.
JB534 [symbol] 'O' Burnt out Feb. '44.
JB593 'T' Lost Aug. '44.
ND339 [symbol] 'Z' Lost July '44.
ME630 'P' Lost Feb. '44.

[symbol] Flew on ops.

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[underlined] No 5 LFS (Lancaster Finishing School), Syerston, Notts. Feb. – Nov. '44. [/underlined] (Instructor).

Lancaster. R5912 'S' ?
W4113 'Q' ?
L7540 'U' soc Apr '44.
R4i22 [sic] 'R' ?
W4383 'H' Crashed May '44.
ED368 'N' Crashed Jun. '45.
W4899 'K' ?
ED758 'G' Lost (Berlin) '44.
W4797 'B' Crashed Apr. '44.
L7583 'T' soc Nov. '46.
R5658 'F' soc May. '47.
R5865 'J' ?
W4258 'R' Crashed May '44.
W4103 'E' Crashed Apr. '44.
R5668 'O' ?
R5910 'X' ?
W4940 'P' ?
L7580 'U' soc Nov. '45.
ND663 'Y' ?
R5726 'A' Crashed Apr. '44.
L7578 'C' Burnt May '44.
JB178 'E' Lost July '44. 49 Sqdn.
W4794 'C' Crashed (Carnaby) May '44.
ED802 'D' ?
R5854 'V' ?
ED944 'Q' ?
ED869 'A' ?
JB137 'B' soc Oct. '46.
R5757 'A' soc Jan '47.
DV310 'H' ?
W5008 'F' Lost.
W4328 'T' soc. Jan.'47.
W4941 'M' Crashed Oct. '44.
W4882 'N' soc Sep. '45.
W5004 'E' soc Jan. '47.

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Lancaster. LM308 'F' Crashed Jan.45.
ED866 'C' Crashed Nov. 48.
DV175 'B' soc Oct. 46.
W4358 'D' ?
DV362 'Q' soc Sep. '46.
ED727 'S' soc Nov. '46.
JB125 'E' Crashed, Syerston, Jan. '45.
R5910 'X' ?
LL742 'R' ?
DV277 'V' soc Nov. '46.
ED940 'Z' soc Nov. '47.

[underlined] 227 Sqdn, Balderton, Notts. (Sqdn Instructor). Nov. '44 – March '45. [/underlined]

Lancaster. PD342 'E' Crashed. Jul. '45.
PB646 'P' Lost Dec. '44.
PD348 'B' Crashed Feb. '45.
PD349 'G' soc Sep. '47.
LM259 'U' Lost. Dec. '44.
PD345 'F' soc. Nov. '46.
PD344 'D' Lost Oct. '44.
PB805 'M' Crashed. Sep. '45.
PB620 'Z' Lost Apr. '45.
PB610 'O' Crashed, Balderton, Mar. '45.
PB690 'Y' Lost Feb. '45.
PB731 'L' soc Mar. '47.
PB644 'R' Lost Mar. '45.
NG170 'S' Lost, Ladbersch, Mar. '45.
PB651 'H' soc Oct. '46.
PB666 'J' Lost Feb. '45.
ME372 'U' Lost, Hamburg, Mar. '45.
NW802 'K' soc Aug. '46.
RA518 'C' soc Jun. '47.
PB645 'A' soc Nov. '46.
ME454 'Y' Lost, Wurtzburg, Mar. '45.

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[underlined] 227 Sqdn (cont) [/underlined]

Lancaster. SW247 'W' soc Oct. '46.
RA546 'J' Lost, Lutzkendorf, Mar. '45.
NX566 'S' soc Mar '48.
ND992 'Y' Crashed Aug. '45.
RF178 'V' soc Sep. '46.
RD332 'N' soc Jan. '47.

[underlined] 106 Sqdn, Metheringham, Lincs. (2nd Tour) April – October '45. [/underlined]

Lancaster. RE130 'H' soc Aug. '46
RF236 [symbol] 'V' soc Jan. '47.
PA310 'A' soc Nov. '46.
PB618 'G' Crashed Jun. '45.
RF235 [symbol] 'Y' Crashed May. '45.
NG397 'T' soc Jan.'47.
LM211 'Z' soc Feb. '49.
LM690 'P' soc May '47.
RF265 'O' soc Jul. '47.
NN719 'Q' soc Mar. '48.
PB677/G 'Z' soc Aug. '47.
ND933 'X' soc Jan. '47.
ND690 'D' soc Nov. '45.
PB682 'O' Crashed Oct. '45.
ND616 'J' Crashed Jul. '45.
ME369 'F' Crashed Feb. '46.
RF194 'T' soc May. '47.
PB583 'B' soc May '47.
PB305 'R' soc Jul. '49.
PB676 'E' soc Apr. '46.
PB622 'N' Crashed Feb. '46.
ME727 'Y' ?
PB124 'Q' soc Nov. '46.

[symbol] Flew on ops.

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Total hours on types of aircraft flown from E.F.T.S., Nov. '41 to Transport Command final flight Sep. '46.

[underlined] [a] Type. [b] Day. [c] Night. [d] Total. [/underlined]

(a) Lancaster Mks. I & III. (b) 459:00 (c) 413:15 (d) 872:15
(a) York. C. Mks. I (b) 295:35 (c) 105:00 (d) 400:35
(a) Stirling. Mks. IV (b) 6:20 (c) – (d) 6:20
(a) Manchester. Mks. II (b) 7:05 (c) – (d) 7:05
(a) Wellington. Mks. III (b) 48:55 (c) 51:05 (d) 100:00
(a) Oxford. (b) 192:35 (c) 27:45 (d) 220: 0 [sic]
(a) Dakota. (b) 1:50 (c) – (d) 1:50
(a) Tiger Moth. Mks. DH82/82c [underlined] (b) 77:00 (c) 1:45 (d) 78:45 [/underlined]

Total [underlined] (b) 1088:20 (c) 598:50 (d) 1687:10 [/underlined]



“Registered numbers and squadron letters (& fate) of Manchester & Lancasters flown,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 20, 2024,

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