Course photograph and newspaper cutting



Course photograph and newspaper cutting


Left - A large group of airmen wearing tunics with side caps standing in two rows in front of an Anson. One officer in centre standing has a lighter uniform and peaked cap. Annotated with signatures and home towns of many of the participants.
Right - newspaper cutting 'Yorkshiremen in casualty list'. Mentions that Flying Officer Kenneth Gill was presumed dead after a raid on Bremen. It was his 45th operation and he had previously attacked Tirpitz.

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One b/w photograph and one newspaper cutting on an album page


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[inserted] [signature] London, [signature] Wigan

A Pepper Bucks, D Polson Scotland, [signature](London), L. G. Popplewell Plymouth. J Williams Edinburgh, E B Oldham Manchester, [indecipherable] Neve Harrow, J Ponden Bradford, K. Worley McC, Bob Ellis St Johns N. B., [signature][indecipherable], [signature] Norfolk, W H Webb Walsall, R.Woods London, [indecipherable] Dawes West Bromwich

H. Jeffries York

S G Braybrook Wembley, Melvyn Olds Cambourne

George Lawrenson Birkenhead, TW Moule Croydon, J. Pearson Leeds., K Jones M/Cr, FSt. E. L. Jenks.

[Inserted] 21/3/45. [/inserted]


Flying-Officer Kenneth Gill (22), D.F.C., husband of Mrs. V. Gill, of Sycamore Avenue, and son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Gill, of Kyffin Avenue, Halton, Leeds, is presumed dead.

F/O. Gill

He was posted missing on March 21, after a raid over Bremen, on his 45th operational flight. He took part in the raid last year on the Tirpitz, when the ship was sunk. Flying-Officer Gill, who was awarded the D.F.C. in February, 1944, was com[missing letters]sioned in June, 1943. He was an old [missing word] of the College of Technology, and [missing letters]merly a draughtsman at Leeds [missing words] Torre Road.

[Missing words] [missing letters]med dead, after being [missing words] March. 1944, from [missing words] [missing letters] kfort, is Sgt. Flt,- [missing words], R.A.F., whose [missing words] [missing letters]nthorpe Walk, [missing words] [missing letters] Whingate [missing words] [missing letters] ked at Avro.


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