Corporal Dennis Terry - Fitter IIA Airframe



Corporal Dennis Terry - Fitter IIA Airframe


A note explaining the return of a Temporary Meal Permit Pass.


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Corporal Dennis.G.Terry – Fitter IIA Airframe

[squadron crest] 10 Squadron – RAF Leeming 1941 [photograph]

Early in 1941 a 10 Squadron Whitley bomber returning from OPS, landed at RAF Waddington damaging its tail resulting in the bomber being grounded.

I was sent along with other tradesmen and a replacement tail section by road to repair the aircraft and return it to serviceable flight. On arrival at RAF Waddington we were issued with "Temporary Meal Permit" for the airmen's mess.

I am returning this pass to you a little late, for some reason it was never handed back after the repairs to the Whitley bomber were completed.

While waiting for the aircrew to fly us back to RAF Leeming I decided to have a look around the hangers, I looked into one hanger via a side door and noticed a yellow marked four engined bomber with a large "P" roundel on it, I was then approached by an armed guard who promptly told me to leave as this hanger was "Out of Bounds". I realised later when the Lancaster entered RAF service that this aircraft was in fact the Lancaster bomber prototype.

A few months later Lancaster's operated out of RAF Waddington with 44 Squadron.

This memory of my visit to RAF Waddington has stayed with me all these years.



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1941 – Airman’s Mess Pass
Kindly Donated by Dennis Terry

1941 – Airmen’s Mess Pass
Donated by Dennis Terry



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