Terry, Dennis


Terry, Dennis
D Terry


17 items. The collection concerns Corporal Dennis Terry (938465 Royal Air Force) and contains documents and photographs. He served as a fitter with 166 Squadron and worked on Lancaster ME746 AS-R2 (Roger Squared).

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Rob Terry and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Terry, D

Collection Items

Corporal Dennis Terry - Fitter IIA Airframe
A note explaining the return of a Temporary Meal Permit Pass.

Good Show Roger Squared
A story based on the service of Lancaster ME746 AS-R2 (Roger Squared). There is a slightly shorter version included.

Centurion Lancaster ME746 Roger Squared
A document referring to the DSO awarded to Lancaster ME746 AS-R2 (Roger Squared). It describes some of the operations undertaken and its maintenance by Dennis.

Dennis Terry Biography
A brief biography of Dennis featuring photographs described in the collection. It covers his training and service as a fitter in the UK and Canada. He maintained a Lancaster that completed 124 ops and the aircraft was, unusually, awarded a DSO.

RAF Waddington Temporary Meal Permit
A permit allowing the bearer to have meals in the Airmen's Mess.

Dennis Terry and Colleagues
Two pages with nine photographs.
#1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 are Dennis standing in uniform.
#5 is Dennis standing but dressed casually.
#7 is four men including Dennis at the tail of an Oxford.
#8 is 16 airmen in the snow outside a wooden hut.
#9 is…

Catalinas and Oxfords
Six photographs on a sheet. #1, 2 and 6 are of Catalinas. #3 is an Oxford in the snow. #4 is of Oxfords outside a hangar. #5 is an in flight starboard view of an Oxford.

Five photographs of Oxfords.
#1 is a side view of a line of four Oxfords. The first has 1510 on the fuselage.
#2 is a front view of a single Oxford.
#3 is a side view of Oxford AS220 31.
#4 is a front view of an Oxford that has landed with its…

Airmen, Trainees and an Oxford
Three photographs. #1 is 11 airmen and ground crew under the front of a Lancaster. #2 is a group of 12 trainees standing in the snow in front of a wooden hut. #3 is an Oxford being towed by a tractor. This photo is repeated on a separate sheet.

Large Group of Airmen
A large group of airmen arranged in five rows in front of a Whitley.

44 Airmen and Airwomen
A group of 44 arranged in four rows.

62 Airmen and an Oxford
62 trainees and officers in four rows in front of an Oxford.

Dennis Terry
A head and shoulders portrait of Dennis.

Lancaster ME746
Aircrew and ground crew holding the DSO awarded to Lancaster ME746 AS-R2 (Roger Squared).
There are five similar images of the event. In the second photo there are more operations added to the nose and R2 has been painted on. The last has some text…

Lancaster ME746 DSO
A letter awarding a DSO to Lancaster ME746 for 100 operations.

Dennis Terry's Certificate of Good Service
A certificate awarded to Dennis.

Dennis Terry's Certificate of Good Service and Leave Pass
A notification of a certificate awarded to Dennis for good service and a leave pass.
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