Information for Ex Leave Personnel



Information for Ex Leave Personnel


The document provides detail of tasks to be completed after his spell as a prisoner of war. He must have medical reports and if he stays in the RAF he will receive equipment.

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[underlined] INFORMATION FOR EX LEAVE PERSONNEL. [/underlined]

You have now had your ex P.O.W. leave and have returned to this Unit, “B” Squadron, No. 106 Personnel Reception Centre, to complete the process either of reabsorption into the Service or resettlement in civil life. You and [underlined] many others [/underlined] have to be passed through in a short time and [underlined] your [/underlined] co-operation is required if things are to go smoothly, thus allowing [underlined] you [/underlined] to get through in a short time.

2. The N.C.O. in charge of your hut will give you a “progress report”. This shows the various Sections you have to visit. Items 1 to 5 on this document must be dealt with in the order shown; items 3, 4 and 5 can be dealt with only if you have been categorised as “fit” at your Medical Board. Items 6 – 9 can be dealt with at any time. (Item 10 is not applicable). You must preserve this document carefully and get it initialled on visiting each Section. When you are ready to leave this Unit you will sign and exchange this document for your Railway Warrant, Route Form, etc. You will do this at the Office for the purpose in “B” Squadron Headquarters.

3. As soon as possible after your return you will be conducted in parties to a preliminary medical interview. Parties will be presented at intervals throughout the day beginning at 08.30 hours. You will be warned by the N.C.O. in charge of your hut at what time your part is due and you [underlined] must [/underlined] be with your party at that time.

4. This preliminary interview will take about 7 minutes and at it the time at which you are required for your “Medical Board” proper will be entered on your Progress Report. When this has been done you should report back to the N.C.O. i/c your Party for advice on what to do next. You must understand, however, that having had the time of your Medical Board give you, it is [underlined] your responsibility [/underlined] to appear for your Medical Board at the proper place and time.

5. On the result of your Medical Board depends your immediate future. The Board may find that:-

(a) You are fit.
(b) You require building up in a Rehabilitation Unit.
(c) You require hospital treatment.

6. If you are passed fit (5 (a) above) you will then go for interview to the Disposal Board. Here again there are three main possibilities:-

(i) If you are to remain in the Service you will be sent on a “refresher” course.
(ii) If you are not to remain in the Service, you may be sent to a Resettlement Unit, or
(iii) On indefinite leave.

[underlined] Note. [/underlined] In case of either (i) or (ii) of this paragraph there may, or may not be, a short intermediate period of leave pending the assembly of a course.

7. If you are to remain in the Service (see 6 (i) above) you must visit Equipment (Hangar) for re-kitting (see Item 4 on Progress Report). If you are not to remain in the service (6 (ii) and (iii) above) you must visit the Release Medical Board (see Item 5 on Progress Report).

8. If you require building up (para. 5 (b) above) you will be attached to No. 4. Medical Rehabilitation Unit, which is located on this Station, for a period which will vary with each individual case. This attachment will take effect from the [underlined] morning after [/underlined] your Medical Board. You must be ready with your kit at 08.30 hours when an N.C.O. will conduct you to No. 4. M.R.U. There you will be received and given a short introductory talk on the objects of the course you are about to begin.

9. If you require Hospital treatment (5 (c) above) arrangements will be made to admit you to hospital.

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10. Other questions to be visited are:-

(a) P.4 Cas.
(b) Provost Marshal for F. 1250 R.
(c) M.I.9.
(d) Bomber Command Intelligence.

These sections are shown below the line on the Progress Report and may be visited in [indecipherable words] time and should be completed whether or not you are passed fit at your Medical Board.

11. If you are interviewed by the disposal board (see 6 above) the instructions as to your future will be entered by the Interviewing Officer on a pro forma. This pro forma is sent direct to the Central Drafting Office. There, your Route Form and Railway Warrant, or in the case of leave, your Warrant and Ration Cards, are prepared and sent to “B” Squadron without any further action on your part. As soon as possible after the receipt of these documents in “B” Squadron, they will be passed to you. The whole object is to get you through and on your way as quickly as possible.

12. There is one small point that should be noted if you wish to travel to your new Unit be car or motor cycle. The right time to mention this is when you are before the [underlined] Disposal Board [/underlined] and entries are being made on your pro forma (see 11 above). If approved the entry will then state that you wish to travel in this way and the Central Drafting Office will issue to you authority to do so in lieu of railway warrant. When you receive this authority you must take it to the Station Assistant Adjutant in Station Headquarters from whom you will draw petrol coupons.

13. You should take special note that with the undernoted exceptions [underlined] all [/underlined] No. 106 P.R.C. Headquarters Offices are out of bounds to ex P.O.Ws. unless specifically sent there. Offices which may be visited are the Accounts Section between 18.00 hours and 19.30 hours each evening, and the Unit Post Room.

14. If you have any personal and private problems on which you require advice and help, inform your Hut N.C.O. who will put you in touch with the Squadron Advisory Officers. If it is a matter with which they are unable to deal personally they will refer you to the specialised 106 A.R.C. Unit Advisory Section, but it is essential that in [underlined] ALL [/underlined] cases you see the [underlined] SQUADRON [/underlined] Advisory Section [underlined] FIRST [/underlined] so that they can keep trace of you.

15. Owing to the shortage of staff and to the large turnover of ex P.O.W. personnel in this Squadron, before leaving you are requested to place the biscuits at the foot of your bed with the blankets folded and placed on the biscuits and the sheets folded and placed on top.

16. In conclusion, you must now bring yourself back to realities; you are a member of the Royal Air Force and upon you rests the responsibility for maintaining a disciplined outlook on all service matters. Strict attention, therefore, is to be given to such points as saluting, punctuality, etc., and all R.A.F. rules and regulations are to be obeyed at all times.

W.J.F. Milton,
Squadron Leader, Commanding,
[underlined] “B” Squadron, No. 106 P.R.C. [/underlined]



Commanding Squadron Leader, “Information for Ex Leave Personnel,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 7, 2023,

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