Part of letter



Part of letter


Page two of a letter. Writes of financial matters. Mentions photographs and asks to pass news on to father. Asks whether recipient got good price for air raid shelter.



One page handwritten letter


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With plenty of cash I hope. I have to send the allotment to my Bank Lloyds of London so I will send you a cheque every so often and you can put it in my George St Bank. I will also send some home via the post office but it will not be much, the amount I am putting in Lloyds is £22-10 a month. You remember the photos I had taken of 156 Squadron well they have followed me out here so I will send them home some time.
You can tell Dad I am Section Leader of Passenger Welfare and Air Stewards, when I was in Hong Kong I was organising an R.A.F. Staging Post. I took my time through as I wanted to see the place. Pleased to hear dad being C.O.D often, if he had put himself out 10 years ago he could have been permanent bod instead of actery!
What did you get for the air raid shelter a good price I hope, took a few


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