Memorials at Lincolnshire Airfields



Memorials at Lincolnshire Airfields


23 photographs from an album.
#1 is 617 squadron memorial at RAF Woodhall Spa.
#2 is 44 squadron memorial at RAF Waddington.
#3 and 4 is a plaque at 'The Wild Life' pub at Skellingthorpe.
#5 is a memorial at East Kirkby.
#6 is a close up of the East Kirby memorial.
#7 and 8 are the memorial at RAF Skellingthorpe with and without a group of children from Manser Primary School.
#9 is a poem 'Old Airfield' on a stone at East Kirkby.
#10 and 11 is a memorial at Skellingthorpe Village Hall.
#12 is a memorial at RAF Wickenby.
#13 and 14 is a memorial clock and plaque at the parish church, Waddington.
#15 is a memorial to 101 squadron at Ludford Magna.
#16 is the grave of Pilot Officer JM Cave
#17 and 18 are the memorial to 9 squadron at Bardney.
#19 is a memorial to 460 squadron at RAF Binbrook.
#20, 21 and 22 are a parade of 50 and 61 old comrades at RAF Skellingthorpe.
#23 is 625 squadron memorial at RAF Kirmington.




23 colour photographs on five album pages


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