Letter from Flight Sergeant D F Walker



Letter from Flight Sergeant D F Walker


Addressed dear sweetheart. Disappointed about leave and catches up with news of friends and general state of war. Continues with gossip and talk of friends. Mentions that it must have been a thrill for her to see King and Queen and continues with more gossip as well as commenting on his situation at current station. Writes that most of his work is acting as long range fighters or fighter escort and comments on some other squadron members. Signs Don.




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Three page handwritten letter


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Hello Sweetheart

Thank you so much for your nice letter! I too was very disappointed about the leave but believe me I am doing my best to get some time off from up here.

The cards from Bill are arriving quite regularly and it is a relief to know that he is keeping fit, but he certainly must be fed up, poor kid, however I think we have started our winning run now and maybe this year will see an end to it all. If you would be so kind as to knit those things for him, I’m sure they would be just what he would want. If you send the pamphlet up I’ll attend to it. I’m sorry I missed seeing Mac - we certainly have a few drinking hours to catch up on when we again meet. Give my regards to Alex, from what I can gather he must be on night fighters - I also hope to get on Mosquitos eventually.

I had a letter from George and he is going quite well, he is now on Lancs. and will be posted to a squadron in about 3 weeks time - the rascal for not writing to you, I’ll roar him up.

[page break]

Jack is still with him and is also going well.

It must have been a great thrill to see the King & Queen in your own town - they are really a great couple.

So Nancy is sporting her first costume - when you two get out together now you will be busy keeping the boys away - I can imagine those youths up there saying “Heres couple of swell lines”

You must have great fun with Jennifer now that she is able to walk about - I must see you all very shortly and see all these changes for myself.

The mail from home is coming in quite regularly and I have some good snaps of the babe to show you. Glad is well and is putting on weight since I left - she doesn’t have to worry now about what time her husband is coming home from work, maybe thats the cause of it.

The station here is quite a good one & I am quite comfortable - the meals are much better and there is very little red tape - it seems hard to realize that my training is over - I began to think that it was my war-time job. Tomorrow I break the ice with my first job - so keep your fingers crossed.

[page break]

Most of the work here is acting as long range fighters or fighters escort or recconnaisance [sic]. It is intensely interesting, but I often wish I were about twenty and as silly as I was then instead of a staid old married man. The other chaps on the squadron seem a very good bunch and the old hands are very helpful - fortunately some of the champs from my last station were posted with me, so we are fitting in well.

I am lying in bed writing this which partly explains the atrocious writing.

I am not sure of the position re leave yet but will let you know when I get it worked out.

I hope Mr Clark keeps fit and that his growing family are not getting him down too often.

Look after yourself and don’t work too hard. I am getting violent cramp in my arm so had better stop now

Love to all

[underlined] Don F. [/underlined]


D F Walker, “Letter from Flight Sergeant D F Walker,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 20, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/32539.

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