Woolley, Andrew James


Woolley, Andrew James
A J Woolley


Twenty items and a sub collection of fifty-one items. The collection contains photograph and letters mainly concerning Royal Air Force and Royal Australian Air Force servicemen. A sub-collection contains a scrapbook relating to mostly Australian, New Zealand and Canadian servicemen.

Woolley, Andrew James. Scrapbook

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Andrew James Woolley and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Wooley, AJ

Collection Items

W J McBean
Name. 20/9/15 AUS408918, Sgt pilot McBean W J, Box 120, Casterton, Victoria, Australia'. Bottom right - head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing tunic with pilot's brevet.

D F Walker
Name. AUST 409259 Sgt Walker D F, Heidelberg Golf Club, Lower Plenty, Victoria, Auatralia' Address of Mrs D Walker in NSW Australia. Note 'Don reported missing April 8 1943'. Bottom right - family group photograph showing four men, three in uniform…

Sergeant R H Middleton VC, RAAF
Photographs of two parts of same page. Sub-headline - 'A Jackeroo' gives some background on Middleton and continues account of attack on Turin and fuel difficulties crossing the Alps. Sub-headline - 'both pilots wounded' continues account.…

Middleton VC
Headline 'VC pilot died to save his crew after Turin raid'. Account of award of Victoria cross to Flt Sgt Rawson Hume Middleton RAAF who sacrificed his life to save his crew. Annotated 'John Reece attended Sgt Middleton's funeral after his body had…

Note 'with love to Jenny from Valerie Shirly Xmas 1935'.

A M Walker
Annotated 'Prisoner of war, YX5500, 92732, Cpl Walker A M, B Company, 2nd A.I.F. Stalag VII A, Austria (crossed out) Germany'.
Left - a small photograph of a family group, men, women and a baby.
Right - head and shoulders portrait of a man…

Full length image of a servicemen in battledress uniform standing in a back garden.
This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

Note mentions 'Wellingborough'.

J M Parsons
Name AUS 409274 Sgt pilot Parsons J M, Henty St, Casterton, Vic, Australia'.
Bottom left - full length image of three airmen, wearing tunics and side caps standing in a row with trees in the background. Centre man has pilot's brevet.
Right -…

Photographs of servicemen
Left - two airmen wearing tunics standing in snow with huts in the background. Captioned Bernard and Charlie'.
Right - an airman wearing tunic and side cap standing in front of a wooden hut. Captioned 'Mac in first uniform'.

Photographs of servicemen
Left - a flight sergeant wearing tunic with pilot's brevet and side cap standing next to a young girl sitting on a pony with trees in the background. Captioned 'George and Jennifer at Wellingborough Zoo'.
Right - eleven airmen wearing battledress,…

Two photographs
Left two airmen wearing tunics with pilots brevet standing either side of a man holding a baby. In the background a fence and trees. Captioned 'George, Mac and Don with Jennifer at 15 months'.
Right - a servicemen in shirtsleeves. in the background…

Two photographs
Left - two airmen both wearing tunics with sergeant rank and pilot's brevet sitting on steps either side of a naval rating. Captioned 'Don and friends at Leuchars'.
Right - a toddler standing leaning with hands against wall. Captioned 'Don's little…

Lilian and Mrs Leary
Left - full face portrait of a woman. Captioned 'Lilian Leary'
Right - fill face portrait of a woman wearing glasses and with pearl necklace. Captioned 'Mrs Leary'. Annotated 'Photos carried by Joe and returned home with his kit'.

Servicemen in New Guinea
Left - a servicemen wearing khaki uniform with foliage in the background. Captioned 'Frank Leary in the jungle at Lae'.
Right - a group of servicemen standing and sitting in jungle. Captioned 'Frank and cobbers in New Guinea'.

Leonard Symonds
Title '20535 Mechanician HMAS Australia, Leonard Symons, 5 Birdwood St, Frankston, Victoria.
Left - family photograph of adults and children with servicemen in navy uniform in the centre. Captioned 'Len and relatives on HMAS Australia on her…

Ronald Matt
Half length image of an airman wearing tunic with pilot's brevet. In the background bushes. Annotated '1/11/22, 61603 F/O Ronald Matt of NSW Australia'.

Name and addresses
One name two addresses. NZ 4216052 Sgt D J Jenkins addresses in Brighton and New Zealand.

Names and addresses
One name, two addresses. NZ 436951 Sgt Gray P N. Address in Brighton and New Zealand.

To Phyllis
Quote from Byron with note 'this is my wish for you' from Sgt Nav Cecil E Wood from Canada.

Note and name and address
Note 'Friendship's dearest memories are the flower of life'. Name. Ray James of NSW Australia.

D G Ladd
NZ 405619 LAC Ladd DG with address in London and New Zealand. Signature at the bottom right.

Leonard H Belchamber and Frank C Lockie
Two names. Leonard H Belchamber and Frank C Lockie both from New Zealand. On the right a photograph of a man in shirtsleeves holding a baby with window in the background.

Peter Ripon and Jeffrey Bastion
Two names. Peter Ripon and Jeffrey Bastion both from New Zealand.

John Baily, Joyce and Junior
Left - a woman kneeling holding a toddler by a bench in a garden with wooden fence and house in the background.
Right - five airmen wearing khaki shirts and shorts standing in two rows with scrubland in the background. Captioned 'John Baily in…
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