Ten class members and instructor



Ten class members and instructor


A setup for teaching the principles of motors/generators and synchronising generator connection to the mains. The switchgear panel include meters, dials, switches, and light bulbs to check phase synchronisation; posters and schematics are visible on the left.

Ten young men wearing overalls stand on the left. On the right an instructor points at dials.

Explanation provided on accompanying document which explains that it is Mr Nobby Clarke instructing electrician class in 1946 and list the names of the class members and their rank at retirement. One member was killed after ejecting from a Meteor.

Additional information kindly provided by Robert Parish and others of the 'I Take Pictures of Electronic Parts' Facebook group.



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Mr. Nobby Clarke instructing electrician class 50A in 1946 in the intricacies of the ‘Lamp Bright/Lamos Dark’ method of ‘paralleling’ two alternators.

Present were (left to right): - 245 J.S. Routier, 251 F.G. Buckle, 247 P.J. Williams 270 A.F. Faulkner, 235 G.G. Slingsby, 237 E.R. Stump, 399 E.F. Banks, 389 L.J. Neaves, 200 D.M. Smith, 240 D.J. Grainger

Routier retired as Flt/Lt, Buckle retires as Wg. Cdr. Slingsby retired as Sqn. Ldr. Stump retired as Sqn. Ldr. Banks retired as Grp. Cpt, Neaves retired as Flt. Sgt, Grainger retired as Ch. Tech.

Faulkner perished in the North Sea 12/4/1954 after ejecting from Meteor EE525, which crashed near Fraisthorpe, Yorks.




“Ten class members and instructor,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 21, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/32453.

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