Smith, Barry


Smith, Barry
Barry Michael Smith
B M Smith


Four items. An oral history interview with Sergeant Barry Smith (b.1929, 582398 Royal Air Force). He was an aprentice at RAF Halton and served as a fitter. Also includes service memoir and a photograph.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Barry Smith and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.


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Smith, BM

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Ten class members and instructor
A setup for teaching the principles of motors/generators and synchronising generator connection to the mains. The switchgear panel include meters, dials, switches, and light bulbs to check phase synchronisation; posters and schematics are visible on…

Curriculum Vitae Barry Michael Smith
Preface covers his training as an apprentice at RAF Halton and subsequent training as an electrical fitter at RAF St Athan. Outlines career with transition to ground engineer and then other postings. Continues with time as an instructor teaching a…

My Journal
Starts with early memories of life at home and school. Mentions his father was in the RAF stationed at RAF Henlow, RAF Cardington and Brize Norton. Mentions laying up car at the beginning of the war as they were not entitled to petrol coupons but…

Barry passed the RAF’s apprentice entrance examination in February 1945, aged 15, and went to RAF Halton to become an electrician. He discusses the three training which resulted in the First Ordinary National Certificate.

In 1948, Barry was…
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