431 Squadron crashed Lancaster



431 Squadron crashed Lancaster


A Lancaster that has landed with its wheels up. From information kindly supplied by the donor. 'This picture shows how my tour of ops ended. My tour started with a crash when I went on my 2nd dickey trip & the crew brought back a 500lb bomb that exploded when the a/c landed. The two gunners were killed the remaining crew were literally blown out of the a/c.
The Lancaster shown in the picture was brand new and I had to try landing it on one wheel. We were on the bombing run attacking Duisberg and we were fired on by a Halifax crew. There was considerable damage to the port side and our a/c lost it's hydraulic fluid. When the Halifax crew returned from their trip, they claimed they had shot down an unidentified 'German night fighter'. I think they sent the gunners on an aircraft recognition course!!'




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