Five verse song or poem about Bomber Command operations



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They say I’m experienced 35 Ops
And each time home and alive
But nerves shot to pieces shell shocked and scared
Is the price I have paid to survive
They say that I’m fortunate some sort of charm
Rear gunner and symbol of hope
But I tell them just how I feel deep inside
When they ask of me how do you cope
I tell myself that the shells are just stardust
Sprinkled all round the sky
That bullets are bangers It’s firework night
The flak is just rockets on high
This Lancaster’s just a ride at the fairground
Pay, hang on and be thrilled
That’s the only way I can get through the night
When it’s really just kill or be killed
Tracer is pearls on a necklace so fine
Worn in a perfect arc
Hanging in rows round the neck of an angel
Shining jewels of the dark
A ride through the Galaxy in our big airship
As the meteor showers rain bright
Through celestial storm and comets and planets
Shooting stars burst in the night
But really it’s all just death and destruction
Explosions in factories below
Planes fall to earth with engines aflame
And burst in a fiery glow
The whistling of shells that pass within feet
Is our song our nightly refrain
When we get back to Blighty once more cheating death
They just tell you to do it again
I could tell the Commander I’m really flak happy
Shell-shocked and not fit for flying
But they’d stamp all my records and say LMF
There’s some things that’s much worse than dying

Shells are just stardust
Tracer is pearls
Flak is just rockets
The horror unfurls
The horror unfurls
The horror unfurls


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