RAF Association group



RAF Association group


Seventeen men sitting and standing in two rows. All of the men except four are wearing cricket style clothing with open collars and are positioned semi-formally with their arms crossed. Three of the men in cricket attire have their collars turned up. Three of the men (second row) have rolled up their sleeves. The four men (middle second row, 1st, 4th and 7th third row) without cricketing attire are wearing suits. The suited man in the middle is the “chairman”, and has a large RAFA logo sign is in front of him. Captioned 'E. Kirkby, J. Reed, W. B. Nicholson, G. Lindsay, G. Murray, E. C. Francis, K. Willey, J. Galloway, R. Dixon, W. A. Craggs, H. Wharton, F. H. Gutteridge (Chairman), W. Scollay, J. Wright, E. Bland, M. Sliufko, G. J. Mellefont, YEAR UNKNOWN'.




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