Letter to Doris from Monty Pease's Father



Letter to Doris from Monty Pease's Father


The letter thanks Doris for her letter. The Air Ministry have told him Monty is buried at Otternhagen. He invites Doris to visit.


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Dear Doris

I was pleased to receive your letter [and] photo. You appear to still kindle hope that Monty will return but from what the Air Ministry has told me I think it is a rather forlorn one.

They tell me he was buried in the (cemetery at OTTERNHAGEN in the district of Neustadt and [indecipherable word], Westphalia, Germany but the number of the grave was not stated. His mothers[sic] stone was recently erected so I had his name placed on the side of it. I am enclosing an enlargement of a scrap which came back in his wallet. Should be pleased to receive the one you mention. My daughters think it would be nice if you could arrange to visit us one weekend. They would much like to meet you. The eldest daughter had a bonny baby son some two months ago and that would be what Monty was speaking of when he told of being an uncle.

Well Doris his estate has been settled

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Think of him and the many happy days we used to have fishing together. It was our one hobby. Once again thanking you very much for writing to me and it will always be a pleasure to hear from you.

Good Night & God Bless.
Yours very sincerely
W Pease



WH Pease, “Letter to Doris from Monty Pease's Father,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 8, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28299.

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