Letter to Alan Green from his Father



Letter to Alan Green from his Father


The letter advises Alan to get some 'combinations' -underwear. He mentions night fighters will protect Coventry.



Two handwritten sheets


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[underlined] Tuesday. [/underlined] Nov 4.
Dear Alan.
Just a few lines to let you know we are all alive & well, though we seem to be picking up “Colds” quite easily. The weather has gone very much colder since you went back - we seemed to plunge into frosty weather without warning. By the way Alan if you have not bought those vests get them [underlined] at once [/underlined] - but the best of all is “combinations” - did I see you smile about that suggestion - I did when Todd told me - but there is one great point. They fit snug & dont [sic] get rolled up around your neck when you get hot & bothered. If you cant [sic] afford them, send me the bill & I will send you a cheque to cover but get some good ones.
We are fixing up for the “Hippodrome” to see “Rebecca” next Thursday week. Lunch at the Geisha at 1.pm & then on to the show for 2pm. We have booked seats for you & Basil & if you cant [sic] make it - well - it will be just too bad. There will be over 30 in the party. I dont [sic] know of course that Basil can get here but Mrs Sutton is writing to both of you.
Mrs S. did not forget your cigs. this week-end - just a temporary hold up in the supply of “Players” she could have sent others but preferred to wait for Players so she may be sending any day now.
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We have been fortunate so far with regard to Raids - have had sirens a few times & had one rather late night but no Bs on C. [deleted] so far. [/deleted]
I cant [sic] quite sum them up. I always felt that moonlight nights were most likely to produce “alerts” now the cloudy ones seem to be the more likely. Is he afraid of our accumulation of Night Fighters or are our defences better or both?
We had “Whitworth” the dentist in the shop the other day he was telling Mr S. that he is at a night - fighter station. He also said if ever the Jerries come over again on a big raid that there will be hundreds of fighters up lets [sic] hope he is right.
I don’t like the way he is mopping up the Russians - its [sic] a big country & they are - in the main - stout hearted yet he seems to have all the men & material he wants to push them over. What should we have done here with such a concentration? Its [sic] high time they made use of all Officers & NCOs of the regular army to train [underlined] every fit man [/underlined] to use a rifle instead of leaving it until Hitler decides to attack. It would find the army a job and give everyone more confidence if ever we are called upon to face “invasion” & we might as well die fighting as put against a wall & shot. You do stand a chance of getting “”one in” anyhow. [inserted] Kindest Regards & Best Wishes from Dad. [/inserted]




Alan Green's Father, “Letter to Alan Green from his Father,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 27, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28178.

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