Letter to Joan Wareing from Jean



Letter to Joan Wareing from Jean


She tells of all her travels and how pleased she is that Bob is no longer ‘missing’ but is a prisoner of war, and hopes he soon recovers from his injuries.



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Five page handwritten letter


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The Anchorage
[underlined] October 18th [/underlined]
My Dear Joan.
I have been meaning to write to you for ages – ever since I heard the news that Bob was ‘missing’ – but I have been trailing round the country-side after Don – what a wonderful surprise when I got back to Cottesmore – and Mum showed me your letter to her – I am so
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relieved and delighted that your Bob is a prisoner. How simply marvellous my dear. What you must have been through through [sic] – with all the dreadful anxiety and worry. We were so interested in all the news you had to tell us about him – but above all are so thankfull [sic] that he is safe. I do hope his recovery from his injuries will be a speedy one.
Mummy asks me to send you her love and so many thanks for your
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interesting letter.
for the last 6 weeks I have been weaving all over England. Don and I left Shrewsbury at the end of August, where we had a flat. I then came home with all our luggage as Don had to go to London for a couple of days. He was then posted to Scotland – and had almost got digs for us both when an order came through for him to go on leave to Canada! So he was sent to Manchester. Then managed to get 9 days
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rang me up on Saturday to say that he has been told at the last moment that he [underlined] wasn’t [/underlined] going on leave, but that it was a posting – [underlined] for duties [/underlined]! Can you beat it! I was completely stunned. But I’m passed being surprised at what the R.A.F. will do next. All I can do now is [underlined] wait [/underlined] and see what will happen to him next.
I am going back to Burley I think to do a job – as there’s no future
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in doing nothing.
So please just send us a postcard if you have any more news of Bob. As we would so love to hear.
Dick has now gone down to Torquay after 3 weeks leave which he loved.
Bye-by for now. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed for you my dear.
With love and lots of Good wishes-
Yours [underlined] Jean [/underlined]



“Letter to Joan Wareing from Jean,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 2, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28127.

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