Letter to Joan Wareing from Alice



Letter to Joan Wareing from Alice


She writes that she is very happy to hear that Bob is safe and presumes he is a prisoner of war. She also writes about her social activities and the weather.



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Four page handwritten letter


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The Hostel
Nr. Grantham.
7th Sept.
My Dearest Joan,
I can’t tell you how happy I am for you. When I received your Wire (at least I presumed you sent it,) I had a damm [sic] good cry I was so thankful.
You didn’t say if he was a prisoner, even if he is he’ll soon be home at the rate the war’s going.
I told Hugh about it & he is so pleased. I’m still going out with him, he’s awfully good fun. There has been one or two flaps about them going away, but they are still here thank goodness. The only snag is though, that they may
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be saving this particular bunch of paratroops for a “nice easy drop on Germany”!!! I sincerely hope not though.
I’ve been going out quite a lot of late to dances & they had a party in the mess one nite, [sic] only a small affair because there are only five officers. Then one nite [sic] Hugh and I [indecipherable word] an invite up to the mess at the American camp. Had a nice quiet evening everything you could wish for to drink, I had some iced fruit juice, it really was super. The Yanks certainly do make themselves comfortable.
The weather here the last few days has been super. Very cold in the
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mornings, but the sun has been shining. The farmers are all “flapping” about getting their harvest in.
I was going to an officers’ ball at HQ. the other Saturday, but it was cancelled owing to a “flap”. They had actually got [underlined] Bing Crosby [/underlined] to come down & sing. It was a dress “do” of course & I was thrilled to bits at the idea of wearing my bridesmaids frock at last, so you can guess how disappointed I was.
I do hope your Mummie & Daddy are well, my regards to them please.
Well my dear I really must go now, & write
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a few more letters. I’m afraid I’ve been neglecting everyone.
Please give my love to Bob when you write or when you see him. Please write soon & give me all the “griff” about him.
Always your friend.
[underlined] Alice. [/underlined]



“Letter to Joan Wareing from Alice,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed January 29, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28090.

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