Letter to Joan Wareing from Anne Hill



Letter to Joan Wareing from Anne Hill


Tells her that she is glad she has had news of Bob and that she knows how she must be feeling. Mentions being thrilled as she knew Bob well as he was best man at her wedding.




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Two page handwritten letter


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Bridgewater Arms,
Ashridge Park,
Little Gaddesden,
Nr. Berkhamsted,
18th October, 1944.
Dear Mrs. Waring, [sic]
I felt I must write you a short note when I heard from Alan that you had received news of Bob. I am terribly pleased for you, because I know the extremely trying and anxious time you are going through. Those letters must have helped you a great deal.
I also was very thrilled when Alan told me, because I knew Bob better than the rest of the crew, and had a special
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feeling for him, as he was ‘best man’ at our wedding. He’s a grand person.
This type of letter I know is not much help to you, in fact I think it helps the writer more than the receiver, but I do want you to know that our thoughts are with you, and hope that it will not be very long now before you and Bob have the same reunion as Alan and I have been fortunate [inserted] enough [/inserted] to have. When that day comes we will all have to meet and have a grand celebration.
Yours sincerely,
Anne Hill.
Please do not bother to answer this, because I’m sure you must have a lot of correspondence to deal with



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