Account of downing of a Wellington aircraft and subsequent actions



Account of downing of a Wellington aircraft and subsequent actions


Report describing enemy aircraft flight action. At 0:45 at De Plank a Wellington was shot down. Identification of crew impossible. Reference made to De Plank cemetery. Around 1:45 a Wellington landed at Antwerp-Deurne airfield. At 00:30 a Wellington, near Les Basses, 8 Km from Marche. Polish nationals identified from 305 Bomb Squadron: First Lieutenant Nieczyslav and Sergeant Michael Kowalski. Third person could not be identified. Unknown whether further crew members remained and searches ongoing. Reference made to Charleroi cemetery. A Whitley at Wandre, near Liège, shot down and a dead person recovered. Two further dead. Impossible to identify. Other crew members probably in mud. Burials took place in Liège. Towards 03:00, 8km from Tienen, a Wellington caught on fire. Following not injured and captured: Lieutenant Litchfield, Shrewsbury [?] (New Zealand), Sergeant Hilton, Shropshire (England) and Sergeant Lambert (England).



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