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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Belgium--Antwerp"

Pilot’s flying log book for Flight Sergeant Ernest Smith from 11 February 1939 to 31 March 1943, detailing his pilot training and 20 operations with 144 Squadron on the following targets in Belgium, France and Germany: Aachen, Antwerp, Brest,…

This was the operation on which Ian Wynn's aircraft was lost. Captain was Squadron Leader P R Turgel. Item contains:
1. A list of crews on the operation.
2. Map of routes to target.
3. Luftwaffe night fighter combat claims for 25/26 May 1943.…

Nine accounts of flying activities during the war.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

'David Joseph's son Brian met Paul Hilton in the 1980's through work, and he was wearing a prisoner of war tie. In…

Left page title 'Targets'

Top left - a note 'got to here'. Top right - an aerial oblique view of a city-scape with some large buildings and some damage visible. Captioned 'Essen' on the reverse 'Essen'.

Middle - an aerial oblique view of a…

The log book covers the training and operational career Sergeant Harry Parkins from 20 December 1943 to March 1954. He flew in Stirling, Lancaster, Anson, C-47, Lancastrian, Valetta, Lincoln. Harry Parkins flew 47 operations - 30 night operations and…

The river Scheldt runs from left to right. On the far bank on the right there is a small built up area and a straight road runs from there into the distance. On the near bank a city with many multi storey buildings and streets with a small number of…

The river Scheldt runs from top left to right with town buildings on the far bank on the left and open country beyond. In the centre on the near bank a waterway with a barrier at the top leads from the river into a series of interconnected water…

The river Scheldte runs from middle left to right. On the far bank town buildings with possibly some ships moored along the bank. In the distance open countryside on both banks. In the centre a canal leads from the river inland leading to three…
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