Letter from Herbert Adams to F Bruce Adams



Letter from Herbert Adams to F Bruce Adams


Comments on the large quantity of mail he has received and teaching his new crewmembers to play cribbage or 500, comments on lack of aircraft and family happenings.
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[date stamp]
Aus 424504 F/S Adams, HG AUSPO Kodak House, Kingsway London
Mon 24/7/44.
[underlined] NO21A [/underlined]
Dear Bruce,
Getting all highbrow aren’t I Eggsie? I guess its about your turn to get a letter in the old mail box. It’s not a reply mind you. I still haven’t got the one they said you’ve written but I won’t hold that against you – maybe they take as long to send ‘em as it takes for you to write ‘em. I got a [deleted] coll [/deleted] colossal mail a couple of days ago. 12 pages from Beryl & 9 from Betty, plus 9 photos, an airgraph from Mum & a letter from work. I was overwhelmed & still think I’ll never catch up trying to equalise it all. I thought I’d have a good opportunity yesterday but we flew all blooming day – missed our tea as a matter of fact. Now we’re on lectures for a couple of days with only the evenings to write & what with going up to the mess for supper (it’s 1 1/4 miles I believe), washing, getting our new crib player some practice well the time isn’t very long. Only 3 of our crew could play crib & so we decided to get a fourth in. Last week it started, the W/OP. being the bloke & we nearly drove him cookoo [sic] the first couple of nights counting everyone elses [sic] hands for practise but he’s got the G.G. on it now O.K. even if he does still miss one “[indecipherable words] nob.” 500 has gone stale after a very (CON’T)
[page break]
[date stamp]
[underlined] NO21B [/underlined] Aus 424504 F/S Adams HG AUSPO Kodak House, Kingsway, London 24/7/44
thorough bashing every [sic] since our boat pulled out through the Heads eight months ago. Crib is now the craze.
Sorry to hear that poor old Jack has had such a crook time of it. I suppose when he’s better they will send him back to Birriwa. Tell George I hope his pneumonia didn’t knock him about too badly. Have you had any crib duels with grandad lately? I’d like to have him here for a while when we have some of our waiting around spells. Sometimes we go for two days waiting for a plane to fly in. They say: come back in 3 hours then it’s – call back about 2, then it’s 4. Come back to-morrow etc. Then if you do get going you hardly get time to eat even.
I got some very good snaps from Betty but the one of Beryl, the big one, is the best I’ve ever seen I reckon, of anybody. I don’t know who gave her the idea that it wasn’t like her or that it made her look thin. I don’t think so at all. I think it’s really lovely & unless my memory is getting very bad just like the Beryl I knew. Thanks very much Beryl. Thanks also for the really huge letter. I’m thinking of writing one to you about that size sometime this year.
Still Bruce old boy, I’ll chuck this in now. All the best to everyone at home. With Love Bert xxx



H G Adams, “Letter from Herbert Adams to F Bruce Adams,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 24, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/27208.

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