India Recreation



India Recreation


Fifteen photographs from an album.
Photo 1 and 8 are of two women sitting on a fence. They are in uniform.
Photo 2 is a woman on a swing.
Photo 3 is four horses and three women.
Photo 4 is three horses, a man and two women.
Photo 5 is three women and two men sitting on park benches.
Photo 6 is a man and a women leaning on a wooden fence. Both are in uniform.
Photo 7 is three women on horses, being led by an Indian.
Photo 9 is women and men climbing a path in a forest.
Photo 10 is two women sitting at desks in an office.
Photo 11 is a mother with a young girl beside a wooden fence.
Photo 12 is three women and two men standing at the side of a road.
Photo 13 is a woman in uniform sitting on a horse, being led by an Indian man.
Photo 14 and 15 are a woman standing beside a gharri.

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15 b/w photographs on four album pages


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