Postcard from Donald Baker to his mother



Postcard from Donald Baker to his mother


Reports arrival of latest letters. Speculates over when they could get to England after the war and whether he will be sent directly home. Mentions land settlement and passes on news of a friend.




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My Dearest Mother

He has forgotten the date. I think it must have been written in December 1944. Received three weeks ago her. As our letter forms had not been issued I could not write to you and Dad on your birthdays, but was thinking of you both. Cant[sic] quite make sure whether you were in Cape Town for the time, as you said in the most recent letter dated Oct 8th, that your holiday was starting on the 31st. Did you stay at Graham[?] Hall again. You say Lorna Durward is at last engaged – I expect Mrs D is pretty bucked[?]. By the way can’t you have some snaps taken at Xmas as its ages since I’ve had any new ones from you. Thanks very much indeed for sending Ticky the money to get me a rollneck sweater - £5.0.0 seems an awful lot so he should get a pretty good one for that. Do you remember my old school “flame” – Bobbie[?] Crompton[?] from Nyasaland? Had a letter from her recently to say that she is now married with a baby and living in Kenya. Three of our old farming scheme are going to go there now. Should think there will be a bit of a rush on the place as there[sic] a lot of people wanting to start farming there, so am very glad that I shall be able to get myself fixed up at home. Receiving letters from Babs very regularly, she seems to be on a good wicket now – never hear from Uncle [indecipherable word] Dunn though. Was surprised to hear your letters come through England now – do you send them to Ticky Baggott for forwarding. Incidentally we’re all very pleased to hear of his [indecipherable letter/word] B.C. The weather has not been too cold yet except for a spell a week ago but is depressingly overcast a lot of the time. However we’re keeping pretty fit. I started my six weeks cooking with Cowland-Cooker[?] a couple of days back. There are twelve of us in the room so its quite a job – especially trying to make attractive meals from a very limited variety. Still the quantity is O.K.
Your loving son – Donald


D A Baker, “Postcard from Donald Baker to his mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 23, 2024,

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