Prisoners of war and civilians



Prisoners of war and civilians


Left side. Title 'Rhodesians at Stalag Luft 3, North Compound'. Sixteen men wearing a variety of uniform, eight standing and the others squatting down in front. In the background single story huts. Captioned 'Rick Bennet and Ray Kell not present, Kev Wilson, [..] Godden, Jack P'Wood, Butch [.....], [...] Spence, Jim Inrie, Ron Mitchell, Kev Bowker, Tony Parker, Front Row, C Chase, Dave Hogg, [....] [...], Bill Hollany, Self, John [...], [...] [...]'. Right side - a man and a woman in civilian clothes standing outside a bungalow with window and door.

Spatial Coverage



Two b/w photographs mounted on two book pages


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“Prisoners of war and civilians,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 22, 2024,

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