South Africans at Barth, Stalag Luft 1'



South Africans at Barth, Stalag Luft 1'
Room 17, West Block, Barth
Photographs of prisoners of war


Left side. Top - titled 'South Africans at Barth, Stalag Luft 1'. Eight men standing in line in snow. Fence in the background. Captioned '[....], 41/42, McGarr (killed),Charlie Black, Eric Clyde Harley, John Stevens, Roxburgh, George Framley, Roy Wilkins, Self'. Bottom - four men in a room, one standing on left and others sitting at table with mugs and plates. In the background a window on left and wardrobe and shelves left. Captioned ''[.....(..).], Bill Houghton [(..)..].[..] Sanders, [....]'. Right side. titled 'Room 17, West Block, Barth'. Four men in a room wearing battledress, three with brevet, Three are sitting at table with mugs and book, The other is standing. In the background a window. Captioned 'Piotr Konalski, Self, Les Butt, [...] (killed Mar 43)'. Bottom - top caption 'R J Squire, [....], George Framley, Self'. Seven men in two rows, four standing and three sitting. with hut in the background. Indecipherable text either side.

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Four b/w photographs mounted on two book pages


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