A Reverie



A Reverie


Poem, titled 'A Reverie'. Writes of June day, evenings, a winding river, sadness and remorse and losing friends.



Two page handwritten document


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[underlined] A Reverie [/underlined]
A June day is breaking, its brilliance divine,
A June love is dawning tender & fine,
A Summer sun shining, a summer sky blue,
A romance born between me & you.
Each evening is blissful, each day is a dream,
Until you want dear what glories had been,
Sketching the evening sun sinking away,
A scarlet farewell to a fast closing day.
The River winding its slow rippling course
There never was time for sadness, Remorse
Now, that same River seems cruel & chill
And great waves are lashing where once it was still
They tempt me to fall in their close embrace
& feel their cold kisses lashing my face,
Now I can hear them calling my name,
Bidding me end all this Anguish & pain.
[page break]
I hate the thoughts that simply rise,
& hate the cringing of my eyes,
Yet on & on my footsteps tread,
It seems [indecipherable word] devils they are led.
As if by Gods own will, I stop!
My brow is feverish & hot,
I cannot think, my mind is crazed,
I look around, bewildered dazed.
The River Calm, this tempest ceased,
Gone thro horrors my soul unleashed,
The moon is shedding its golden light,
[deleted] My eyes gaze out on a heavenly sight. [deleted] [inserted] Pressing the [indecipherable word] after night. [/inserted]
And in that moment I feel ashamed,
For in my folly, the things I had claimed
Are but links in the chain of life,
For who wouldnt [sic] die if it were to end strife
I’m glad I can live with a feeling of pride
For I know the last words on your lips as you died
Were ‘Keep Fighting for England” & so will it be,
Till the whole world is happy contented & free


“A Reverie ,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 19, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/25365.

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