Target Essen



Target Essen


Transcription of extract from a recording made in a Lancaster bomber while over target. Gives crew intercom commentary including bombs gone and reports on defences.




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[underlined] TARGET ESSEN – [deleted] 1943 [/deleted] [/underlined] [inserted] 3.4.1943. [/inserted]
The following is an extract from a genuine recording made in a Lancaster bomber whilst over the target:-
Bomb Aimer: O.K. bombs gone!
Pilot: O.K.
Flight Engineer: Bomb doors closed
Bomb Aimer: I can read my watch in the searchlights – 21.54 hours
Mid Upper Gunner: Flack coming awful close
Navigator: We’ll have to get out of this mess as best we can
Pilot: Speed’s the answer now
Navigator: The idea is to steer about 0.2 zero
Pilot: Put 0.2 zero on will you?
Flight Engineer: 0.2 zero, O.K.
Bomb Aimer: Flack directly beneath us
Pilot: Right!
Bomb Aimer: And searchlights underneath us too
Pilot: Come on ‘T’ for Tommy, get cracking!
Navigator: Now watch your height [deleted] skipper [/deleted]
Pilot: (weaving the aircraft, breathing heavily) I’m watching everything
Flt. Engineer How many searchlights would you call them:
Pilot: Too many I reckon
Flt. Engineer: Couple of thousand
Pilot: They’re searching for us – bastards! Oh hell! Certainly illuminates things doesn’t it?
Flt. Engineer: Sure does
Pilot: I could do with a pint; keep your eyes peeled
Mid Upper Gunner: Yeah!
Pilot: They’re firing at us now
Navigator: Are they?
Flt. Engineer: Yes
Mid Upper Gunner: Flack coming close
Pilot: O.K.
Mid Upper Gunner: Sure coming close – I can feel it
Pilot: I can see it!
Flight Engineer: Round to port a bit this heading skipper
Pilot: O.K.
Navigator: If we press on a bit this way we might get out
Mid Upper Gunner: WHOW!
Bomb Aimer: You can light your fag on any of those
Flight Engineer: That was a bit close
Gunner: I think we have been hit personally
Flight Engineer: Lose a bit of height skipper
Gunner: That was close
Bomb Aimer: Searchlights looking for us now.



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