Letter from Terry Ford to his family



Letter from Terry Ford to his family


Terry Ford writes to his family that he has plenty of hours solo flying. He also writes that he has had two spells in jankers.




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1585520 LAC Ford T.A.
A2 Flight, 67 Course,
35 EFTS,


Dear Mum, Dad, Yvonne & Moira,

Sorry I have not written for a few days but I was on 3 days “Jankers”. I didn’t turn up for “Link” trainer, as I didn’t see the notice. Unfortunately on the 3rd day, I was late for a Janker parade & was “admonished” & given an extra day. Still I’ve finished now.

All I have heard from you so far is the cable. Thanks for that, but do you know it took [deleted word] a fortnight to arrive.

I have posted my Christmas cards. I could only get 9 so I had to spread them a bit. I meant to send one to Yvonne [deleted] to [/deleted] but I’m afraid I have lost her address. I sent one to Gran Ford after all. I was going to send one to John, Charlie & Basil, but they would have been hopelessly late. I hope Auntie Lot & Gran Chandler get [deleted] there [/deleted] theirs as I am a bit shaky on the address. Also ‘Auntie Cis’

By the way I see on your cable that you thank me for my airgraph. I sent a cable as soon as I arrived at Moncton. Did you receive it?

I am going to Winnipeg this week-end, & have been invited to Don’s friend’s house to stay. Don is also going to try to get there.

I’ve got plenty of solo hours in now, & am now doing a certain amount of aerobatics – I always do them at a safe height, & they are very enjoyable.

We had a very good show here this week. The company was the “Lifebuoy Jollies[?]. Advertising the soap, of course.

However, they were very good, indeed. In fact, it was in watching them that I got my extra dose of Jankers. Defaulters are not allowed to see camp entertainment, but I had to give out programmes & so was allowed to stay. I was so interested in the show that I forgot to parade again until too late.

By the way Mum, I haven’t seen any Hiltone[?] over here yet, but I’ll look out for it.

The radio programmes have been very interesting lately. They are as you probably know, all sponsored by advertising companies, but we have heard Veronica Lake, Lana Turner, Don Ameche, Ray Milland, Irene Dunne, Edgar Bergen & Charlie MacArthur, W. C. Fields & Jack Benny, in various plays. The plays are not improved by being cut off in the middle, while the announcer tells you that your liver is out of order & you need “Stinko”.

I hope you’re studying for your exams, fishy, & if you pass I may manage to get you something else beside a watch.

Any news of the pub. yet, Dad? I hope you get your wishes soon. When is the old dame at the Lion going to snuff it?

The local butcher in Neepawa used to live in Bristol & a friend of his has asked me to go & see him as he is very interested in the old town, still. There are really a tremendous number of chaps who came from England & they all introduce themselves & yarn about the Old Country.

Well, I think that’s all the news for now so Cheerioh[sic]

[name and P.S. cut short due to inadequate scanning]

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Terry Ford, “Letter from Terry Ford to his family,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 1, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/23905.

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