Letter from Terry Ford to his family



Letter from Terry Ford to his family


Terry Ford writes to his family about his pending time at flying school and that he had been recommended for a commission, although he couldn’t understand why.




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1585520 LAC Ford T.A.,
“B” Flight 3 Squadron
Shakespeare Hotel


Dear Mum, Dad & Moira,

Well, I am still here, & it doesn’t look as though we shall be moving for a week.
We were supposed to go to-morrow to a flying school at Leicester, but it has been cancelled, & only the 1st five on the alphabet are going. This includes Andy & Jim Bellinger. It may be that we shall go on Friday, but it is more probable that we shall go next Tuesday. In any case I shall write again to let you know.

Could you please send me that tin of Gold Leaf tobacco, & 40 more cigarettes. Also, “Learning to Fly made easy” or something like that, a small book in my drawer in the kitchen [inserted] (I think) [/inserted] If you could do this before Friday it will be better as we [underlined] may [/underlined] be going then.

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You may be interested to know that I have been recommended for a commission. We found the papers in the Flight Commander’s room, as he is now on leave, & he inadvertently left the key in his desk. 17 have been recommended out of the flight. Of course this by no means means I shall get one as it is only the start. I don’t know why I have been recommended as I always have my hands in my pockets, which is against regulations, never clean my buttons unless really necessary & am usually last on Parade.

The Wing Commander has put a note on the bottom of all the [inserted one indecipherable word] sheets, & some of them [deleted one indecipherable word] [inserted] aren’t [/inserted] very complimentary. Mine for some queer reason, is rather good. “[deleted] steady [/deleted] keen & steady cadet, who should do well.” I don’t know whether I want a commission or not, but am not worrying yet.

My moustache is quite well grown now, & I shall probably leave it on until I come home on leave.

[deleted one indecipherable word] Nothing happening here now. Cheerio[?]. Love Terry

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[underlined] 3 [/underlined]
Last Saturday as I said we all went on the Flight booze-up. We had to split up into small parties & arranged to meet at the Squadron dance. The result came well up to expectation & the chaps who didn’t drink started a shuttle-service, ferrying the others back to the billets. I was quite merry but quite O.K. until we had the dregs of the barrel in the NAAFI. It was like mud. I did not feel so good then, so I came [deleted letter] home & went to bed. John, of course wouldn’t lower himself to drink with the mob, but I was awoken by the chaps putting Matt to bed. He was [deleted] just [/deleted] very funny. Kept repeating “Feel fine”. Dave came in still later carrying some flowers in his hand which he had firmly intended to give to the Guard Commander.

I have now decided not to drink until after Grading School, & in fact have twice refused offers to go out. I am doing this to give myself a maximum chance of passing.

“C” Flight, the flight with Cpl. “Spud” Murphy in[?] it is going tomorrow, but they have been split in two, so I hope we shan’t be.

We shall be going sometime next

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week, all being well, but we don’t know to where.

We are still doing very little work, although we have done the [indecipherable word] (Dalton) & running fixes[?] In Navigation. We have now also added coal-heaving to our various trades.

Well, that is about all for now. I will write again before we leave here.

Hope you are all well & remember me to Grans, Gamp[?] & uncles & aunts.

Love Terry



Terry Ford, “Letter from Terry Ford to his family,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 18, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/23879.

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