Letter from Terry Ford to his family



Letter from Terry Ford to his family


A letter from Terry Ford to his family, where he writes about Paul Gibbs (the cricketer). Terry has also met up with Denis and they have had a few beers and played games of shooter. He has completed dinghy and parachute drills.




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Officers Mess
Queen’s Hotel
[deleted] 4th [/deleted] 3–9–43.
Dear Folks,
Received the parcel O.K. when I got back here, it was waiting for me.
The last test at Finningley went off O.K. except for stomach ache again. However John Cox got the Bends & so we don’t know whether he’ll be passed or not, but hope so.
We’ve got Paul Gibb the cricketer with us here Dad. He was also with us at Charlottet [deleted] ion [/deleted] (pilot) but I didn’t realize it.
Well, we’ve landed on the European mainland at [deleted] land [/deleted] last folks. Hope it comes off O.K.
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Did you he [deleted] re [/deleted] [inserted] ar [/inserted] that talk 3/9/43 after the one o’clock news two days ago on P.R.U. Also in all the papers. Very interesting. One chap had breakfast in Scotland lunch in Russia & supper back in Scotland on the same day. Apparently we get the newest & best years before anyone else & it’s a most envied job. I hope to goodness we get it.
I was standing by the entrance two days ago watching the new chaps arrive, when in walked Denis. Same as ever Looking very fit. He got some leave in New York & Chicago & had a good time. I’ve had a few beers & games of shooter with him. He should be home on leave this week–end or Monday. Had an A.G. from Basil written to Canada & re–sent here.
I haven’t had a cig
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for two days. Going to smoke a pipe instead. Do you want my cigarette ration, Dad, I can get them cheap.
Had a tooth filled yesterday. Felt fed up with lectures so I decided to go to dentist for him to look at my teeth, as I knew they were O.K. However he found a hole in one teeth & chopped nearly half of it away & filled it. Took a long time too Still I don’t get meat caught in it any more.
We [deleted] did [/deleted] [inserted] do [/inserted] dinghy drill & parachute drill which is quite interesting. For dinghy drill we put on soaking wet battledress & flying kit, discarded by previous class, & also a Mae West, & jump from top stage into water & climb into dinghy. Its much more difficult than you might think
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with wet heavy clothes on.
Hope Jack is O.K. after recent heavy losses. Must be very worrying for Mrs L. & Auntie A
I don’t know when or where we are going to be posted, or when I shall get some leave. Have to wait & see.
Much love to all.
[underlined] Terry [/underlined]
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Terry Ford, “Letter from Terry Ford to his family,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 20, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/23816.

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