Letter from Terry Ford to his family



Letter from Terry Ford to his family


The author writes home with thanks for letters and Christmas cards. He tells of his New Year social activities and other personal items. He mentions his impending posting to Weyburn.




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1585520 LAC Ford. T.A.,
A2 Flt. 67 Course,
35 EFT.S,
Neepawa, Man.

Dear All,

I’m writing a pretty detailed letter. I sent the airgraph on as these letters seem to take so long. I’ve had letters & airgraphs from you ranging from 23rd November to 12th December.

I’ve been writing pretty regularly so you should have been getting more than you have.

We are expecting to be posted to Weyburn on Saturday, & as I shall be very busy getting ready I’m afraid I shan’t be able to write everyone. I wished you’d thank Auntie Cis very much for the cable, Auntie Lot & Gran Ford for the airgraphs.

Thank you fishee for the card & airgraph. I’m glad to see you’re working hard, & I expect you will have done your 2 lengths by now. I expect you had a nice Christmas.

I’m sorry there wasn’t any more in the parcel. I’ve seen lots

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of things I wanted to buy for you all but having had my money stolen I’m afraid I couldn’t. I’m afraid there is no chance of seeing my money again now.

Thank you very much for the letters & Christmas card. It was nice to have so many at once.

I’m sorry to hear Gran Ford is not so well, & I sincerely hope she is better by now.

I didn’t write in more detail about the voyage as I didn’t think it would get past the censor.

I was only sick for the first day out, & it was more through stuffing myself with chocolate, oranges gassy lemonade & all the other rich food aboard than anything else.

You suggest I should send the stockings on, but I don’t know anyone going home & I don’t trust the post so I will hang on them.

I’m very interested to hear that Eric is on Ops. I hope he gets on O.K.

So Roy is going away eh? We are certainly scattered over the globe

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[deleted] I got y [/deleted] I certainly had a marvellous leave in Winnipeg. Up to the 27th I didn’t do much, then I moved to Mrs Turnbull’s (where Don stays) which was near to where Arthur Walter, John Stockbridge (he is on singles with me) & Pete Worrall. We went playing skittles (they call it bowling here.) On New Years Eve we went to a party at the lady’s [deleted] sister [/deleted] [inserted] daughter [/inserted] where the lads are staying.

I drank a goodly drop of whisky , & considering I’ve never had any before I was not unduly affected. We were all taken home at about 5 a.m.

I got up at mid-day, & we went to a party at an American’s house. She is a oldish woman with a couple of daughters who comes from California. She has a marvellous house, modelled on an old English Tudor house.

Since then we’ve been ice skating, roller skating, bowling again, & tobaganning [sic], including falling in the river.

Mr & Mrs Turnbull & Mabel were very good & I had a splendid time altogether. I never got up before midday, the whole 13 days.

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I met a very attractive girl indeed in Winnnipeg & took her to a couple of shows. She’s a very nice girl & “doesn’t trust English airmen!!” although she likes them.

Unfortunately if I go to Weyburn I shan’t get another chance to go to Winnipeg, & that together with the fact that I shall be separated from all my new pals except John has left me rather cheesed. Still I expect I shall recover as usual. It will be very nice to see Don.

The S.F.T.S course takes from 12 – 16 weeks, when with luck I get my wings & start home again. Anyway I’m very glad I got onto singles, although it doesn’t necessarily mean I go on ops in them.

Well that’s all the news for now. I’ve only got 30 cents left to last me 9 days & I owe $6.50.

Much love to all

[underlined] Terry [/underlined]

P.S. Please send on the socks as I only have 3 pairs.

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