Letter from George Ellams to Rowena



Letter from George Ellams to Rowena


Written before they were married when George Ellams was at Margate.




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Six page handwritten letter


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[underlined] F/LT. G. ELLAMS. [/underlined]

[52 Squadron Crest]


[underlined] SATURDAY. 12.30 [/underlined]

I have just arrived in my room after leaving you tonight.
I am walking on air, Boy oh Boy, I feel marvelous [sic], I don't think I will sleep a wink tonight.
As soon as I arrived in the mess, I went chasing round, and I found Ernie, in bed, so I got talking to him he wasn't asleep. I explained how necessary it was that I get out tomorrow night (So he's promised to stand by for me from 7 - 12 P.M. it's wizard, I can't wait till tomorrow to see you, although you won't receive

[page break]

[52 Squadron Crest]


[underlined] 2. [/underlined]

this letter till Monday morning, I hope you get it before you leave for work! I shall be on my way to Germany, by the time you are reading it, if you see a Dakota aircraft flying over your house at about 9.40 AM. that will be us, will get John to fly over the harbour on our way across –.
Look darling, I have been thinking, rather than risk going to Singapore, there's always that chance I don't get the Hendon job, I will ask he C.O tomorrow lunch time, if I can stay at Manston on this same job, Examining. I was fed up, but now, will explain the

[page break]

[underlined] 3. [/underlined]

the [sic] reason for wanting to stay. I can't risk it, I want to be with you and being overseas away from you would be asking too much.
Anyway, I will be talking it over with you tomorrow night, hope you think it's the best move to make
For once in my life, I have found someone who means more to me than myself, in the past there's only been myself to consider, but now, I shall be always considering you, when I am fed up with the job or anything I will just have to think about you and then I will stick at it, without a grumble or anything, it will be marvelous if the C.O. can [indecipherable word] the posting, with that little car, I will be laughing, if I have a permanent post here.

[page break]

[underlined] 4 [/underlined]

it will still mean I shall be away most weeks from Manston, but we always fly back for Saturday and Sunday and usually have a full week here about once a month still that's Wizard don't you think!!!
Darling you have no idea what a state I am in tonight, I always thought it was a load of tripe about meeting the right one and all that, well it's happened I have fallen that's certain, have never felt like this in my whole life before, and it just shows, I could never have written a letter like this straight off the reel at this time of night without the slightest hesitation, don't think that I have spelt that right.
It's madness to think I have only known you just two days, I have known you years

[page break]

[52 Squadron Crest]


[underlined] 5 [/underlined]

I never was any good at writing letters yet here I am scribbling away, the reason why I think I have known you all these years, is that you are the girl I have always wanted, and knew how she would be, if and when she came along, and I met her on a train, that's a queer place to meet your future wife, but it makes it all the more unusual, don't you think? Roll on tomorrow, I can't wait till I see you, I tried to ring up Mrs Lofthouse tonight that's this lady who has been like a Mother, and Guardian to me, to tell her about the most wonderful girl in the world.
I didn't want to leave you tonight

[page break]

[underlined] 6. [/underlined]

It's happened alright, I promise you, that you need not worry about me ever going off the rails after another girl, they have ceased to exist, honestly from the bottom of my heart, am not interested, all I want is you always. I want to talk over thousands of things with you, oh gee, have I ever got it bad!!! I can't believe it, the way things have worked out, it's always seemed impossible, yet its true.
What a strange and beutiful [sic] thing life is, it has its ups and downs, but Gee! it can be wonderful, especially if you have the right partner.
Well Darling I will close now, as it's getting a bit chilly, it's now 1.20 A.M. and I could go on writing to you for hours. will close now. God Bless you
All my love
[underlined] George [/underlined]



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