Ellams, George


Ellams, George
G Ellams


60 items. An oral history interview with George Ellams the son of Wing Commander George Ellams OBE (b. 1921), and documents and photographs concerning his fathers service. He flew operations as a wireless operator with 223 and 199 Squadrons.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Stephen Ellams and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.




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Ellams, G

Collection Items

George Ellams, Flying Log book
Flying log book for George Ellams covering the period from 10 January 1942 to 30 June 1967. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. Also contains photographs and various RAF documents relating to his service, ranks, proficiency and…

George Ellams secondary school reports
Half yearly reports from August 1932 to January 1936 from the Wallasey Education Committee School for Boys.

Identity card for Stephen Ellams
National Registration Identity card issued when the family lived in Ramsgate.

Royal Air Force Driving Permit
Driving permit for George Ellams issued R.A.F. Cosford

George Ellams, Aircrew Categorisation Card
Card was issued when George joined the Transport Command V.I.P. flight in 1945.

George Ellams with car
George Ellams with his first car, a Standard 8 Tourer.

Identification kindly provided by Al X Watts.

Small baby
A baby in a basket.

Woman in formal dress
Portrait upper torso, curtain background.

Woman in urban area
Woman in a park or garden with three storey buildings in background.

Back garden
Garden with washing on line and three children on bicycles.

Bomber Command No 223 Squadron, RAF Oulton, No 199 Squadron, RAF North Creake
First is of a crew of eight, standing by left mainwheel of a Stirling captioned 'The crew'. ' The crew of aircraft 'N' for Nan. no 199 Squadron from Nov 1944 till April 1945'.
Second is of ten individuals standing and kneeling in front of a…

199 Squadron
First of group of individuals, captioned 'Air and ground crew, sitting on wing of "N" for Nan, March 1945.'
Second is of small car, captioned "Crew - bus", my first car bought when on ops with 199 Sqdn.'
Third is of right-hand forward nose of a…

199 Squadron
First is of mid upper turret of Stirling captioned 'Top gunner". Eddie in his office after cleaning.'
Second is of a Stirling just getting airborne, captioned 'Dusk take off', ' Nan taken by ground staff as we left for Germany on our last trip April…

George Ellams' early service
First George plus one other outside wooden hut, captioned 'Boy, 3 Wing, Cranwell'.
Second, seven individuals wearing Sidcot suits, captioned 'Flying Training Feb 1939. North Airfield Cranwell.'
Third sixteen airmen, captioned 'Flight Gang',…

95 Squadron
First of George Ellams wearing topee with palm trees in the background, captioned 'First tour May 1942'.
Second is of George Ellams and with Abu Kamara, captioned 'No 95 Squadron R.A.F. Station Jui, Freetown, B.W. Africa, Abu Kamara and self'.…

95 Squadron
First photograph of sunken Stirling captioned, 'Salvage, No 204 squadron aircraft crash, Bathhurst, B.W.Africa.'. Second is of damaged Sunderland captioned, 'Pranged, landed with wing and tail damage No 95 Squadron 1943'.

95 Squadron
Two photographs of Sunderlands. Page captioned 'No 95 Squadron R.A.F. Gibraltar, Malta, Freetown, Bathurst, Dakar, Port Ettienne'. First photgraph captioned 'Archimedes II EJ144, A for Able my boat for 12 months "Port Ettienne" Sahara desert May…

George Ellams's second crew
Informal photograph, seven crew members, three officers four SNCOs. Captioned '1944 The Crew, my second crew, joined them in Nassau, Bahamas, May 1944. Visited Canada, U.S.A. Flew across the Atlantic Aug. 1944'.

Webbing belt, pistol holster
RAF blue webbing belt, pistol holster, ammunition pouch and lanyard.

Oxygen mask, hose and lead
Mask hose and intercom lead.

Intercom earpiece and lead
Earpiece and lead from flying helmet.

Locked parachute bag
Bag is marked with Crown and 'A.M' and 'P.O. Ellams'

The Gremlin Teaser
Example of nose art, left-hand side cockpit, Captioned 'LJ542 G'. This was a 199 Squadron Stirling EX-G.

Wedding invitation for George and Rowena Ellams
Invitation from Air Vice Marshal Inglis to his daughter's wedding at St Andrew's Cathedral, Singapore.
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