Junkers 252 and Ju 287



Junkers 252 and Ju 287


Photo 1 is a three-engined development of a Ju 52.
Photo 2 is a starboard side view of a Ju 287, a heavy jet bomber. With two engines it was under powered so two engines were added to the nose.
Photo 3 is a view of the starboard from slightly above.




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Junkers JU 252.

A general purpose Medium Transport powered by three Jumo211F 12 cylinder liquid cooled engines. The JU 252 was a development of the JU52. It was produced & operated only on a limited scale.



Junkers JU 287.

Although it had not progressed beyond the prototype stage the JU 287 was of unusual interest because of its peculiar wing form & the fact that it was the first heavy jet propelled bomber to fly. The Junkers JU 287 had wings swept forward by approx. 25 degrees. Full crew of three men. Ultimately the JU 287 would have been propelled by two large turbo-jets, but as the units were not ready various arrangements of four or six units were tried. One was fitted with four Jume jet units, one under each wing & one unit on each side of the nose. Designed to carry 9900lbs of bombs.



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