Junkers Ju 88P and Ju 88H Mistel



Junkers Ju 88P and Ju 88H Mistel


Photo 1 is a starboard side view of a Ju 88P on the ground.This was a specialised ground attack aircraft.
Photo 2 is a modified Ju 88 lengthened to allow a Me 109 or Fw 190 to be carried. The combination was controlled by the fighter who released the Ju 88 as a flying bomb.




Two b/w photographs on an album page


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Junkers JU 88 P.

The Junkers 88 P series were specialised ground attack aircraft & [deleted] indecipherable word [/deleted] produced in very limited numbers. Powered by Jumo 211 J engines protected by armour. Another version of the P series was fitted with BMW engines.


Junkers JU 88 H Mistel.

The Junkers 88H was characterised by a long fuselage resulting from the introduction of two additional bay, one forward & one aft of the main spar. Before the end of the war the 88 H was reserved for use as the lower component of composite aircraft. Although the Germans had experimented with various composite aircraft compositions’ & had envisaged other of a more revolutionary type, the comparatively few composites which actually operated had the JU88H as the lower component. The upper component being an ME 109 or a FW 190. No crew was carried in the lower component when on operations, the pilot of the ME 109 or FW 190 operated all the controls. The JU 88 was modified to carry a large hollow head war charge & became in effect a flying bomb for short range operations. The composite was intended primarily for attacking capital ships & heavily protected land targets. The pilot approached the target with a glide & at the appropriate distance, realised the JU 88 & climbed away, the 88 continued on its set course. During flight the engines of both upper & lower components were running.


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