B Flight 149 Squadron RAF Methwold



B Flight 149 Squadron RAF Methwold


Group of airmen arranged in four rows in front of a Lancaster, captioned with each individual's name.



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[Underlined] 1945. ‘B’ Flight. 149 Squadron. R.A.F. Methwold. [/underlined]

L to R. Rear. F/Sgt Clift. F/Sgt Miller. F/Sgt McIlwain. F/Sgt Chandler. F/Sgt. Garbett. F/Sgt Richards. F/Sgt Gatenby. F/O Cockbill. F/O Blain. F/Sgt Mayston. W/O Grove. F/Sgt Hartnett. F/Sgt Cooper. F/Sgt Priestley. Sgt. Meneer. W/O Sale. F/O Aedy. F/Sgt Byron. F/Sgt Fisk. F/Sgt Walker. F/Sgt Broadribb. F/Lt Paddy Kirk.

[Underlined] Second Row. [/underlined] F/Sgt Charlesworth. W/O Reeve. W/O Brown. F/Sgt Forster. F/Sgt Heal. F/Sgt Fraser. F/Sgt Petrie. W/O Greenman. W/O Penfold. W/O Lofthouse. F/Sgt Johnson. W/O Dalton. F/Sgt Jock Oliver. W/O Farrar. F/Sgt Cole. F/Sgt Eastham. W/O Lewis D.F.M. F/Sgt Wittering. F/S Pritchard. W/O Horn. W/O Morris. F/Sgt Dow. F/Sgt Hanks. W/O Warriner. W/O Staten.

[Underlined] Third Row. [/underlined] F/Sgt Sadler. W/O ‘Filthy’ Luker. F/Sgt Antell. F/Sgt Miller. F/Sgt Cook. F/Sgt Livermore. W/O Donnelly. F/Sgt Nottingham. W/O Simpson. F/Sgt Mortinsen. F/Sgt Barnett. F/Sgt Vickers. F/Sgt Kirkpatrick. F/Sgt. Stewart. F/O Bob Graves. F/O Jimmy Crawford. F/O Service D.F.M. F/Lt Jeff Goodall. W/O Spud Taylor D.F.C. W/O Handy. W/O Davey. F/Sgt Harvey. F/Sgt Shepherd. F/Lt Simmonds. F/O Ted Cotter.

[Underlined] Front Row. [/underlined] F/O Tommy Turner. F/Q [sic] Dixon. F/Lt Jack Goodrum. F/O Keith Sutton. F/O Marshall. F/O Osborne. F/O A.F. Thomas D.F.M. F/Lt Reg Thomas. F/Lt Chas Wilkie. F/Lt Alec Gilbert D.F.C. F/Lt Tug Tugwell D.F.C. D.F.M. F/Lt John Lay. F/Lt Wolfson D.F.C. S/Ldr Tony Cowing. W/Commander Judd-Kennedy. S/Ldr Gerlis. F/Lt Dickie Shuster. F/Lt Ralph Matthews. F/Lt George Calvert. F/O Chaldicote. F/O Albert Hart. F/O Tomlinson. P/O Lymer. F/Lt Derek Bidwell. F/O Curly Brown. F/O Bargate. F/O Merrit. F/O Harvey.


“B Flight 149 Squadron RAF Methwold,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 21, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/23070.

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