Thomas, Arthur Froude. Album 4


Thomas, Arthur Froude. Album 4


42 items. An album containing photographs of 149 Squadron aircraft and personnel as well as pictures taken in 1946 of some of the bomb damage to German cities.




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Thomas, AF

Collection Items

Warrant Officer George Bailey and Horsa Gliders
Photo 1 is Warrant Officer George Bailey at the 90 Squadron memorial.
Photo 2 is a Horsa being towed by a Halifax.
Photo 3 is a Horsa in D-day markings.

Sir Arthur Harris Statue
Photo 1 is the Queen Mother unveiling the statue of Sir Arthur Harris.
Photo 2 is inside St Clement Danes during the service.
Photo 3 is the Queen Mother being greeted by the president of the Bomber Command Association, Sir Michael Beetham.

Blenheim, Beaufighter and Meteor
Photo 1 is a port side view of a Blenheim Mark IV on the ground.
Photo 2 is a Beaufighter, port side view.
Photo 3 is a Meteor, port side view.

Beaufort and Lancaster
Item 1 is a photo of the starboard side of a Beaufort in flight over clouds.
Item 2 is a card of a Lancaster flying over Lincoln cathedral.

Photo 1 is two Mosquitos flying over countryside.
Photo 2 is a Mosquito in flight, banking for the camera.

Wellington III
Photo 1 is a Wellington, VR-Q Z1572, in flight.
Photo 2 is a view of the starboard nose of a Wellington. The hangar roof is also geodetic construction.

Halifax BII
Each photograph views the port side of a Halifax, TL-P, in flight.

Three Stirlings
A formation of three Stirlings flying over Cambridgeshire. [nb. The album notes suggest these were 15 Sqn aircraft. However by April 1942 when the photo was taken by Charles Brown they had transferred from 15 Sqn to 1651 Heavy Conversion Unit based…

Four Newspaper cuttings
Item 1 refers to a protest from Dresden over a statue to Sir Arthur Harris.
Item 2 is a letter thanking Sir Arthur Harris from a couple bombed out of their home in Liverpool.
Item 3 is an article titled 'Remembering Bomber H'.
Item 4 is a letter…

207 Squadron and Lancaster
A group of airmen arranged in front of a white painted Lancaster.

Bomber Command Cricket Champions 1947
A photograph of the Bomber Command cricket champions. The group includes Arthur Thomas. Each individual is named in the caption.

149 Squadron Pilots, Flight Engineers and Air Gunners
Photo 1 is a group of Pilots and Flight Engineers arranged in front of a Lancaster. Each individual is named in the caption.
Photo 2 is a group of eight air gunners arranged in front of a Lancaster.

149 Squadron and Lancaster in North Africa
A group of airmen arranged in front of a white painted Lancaster. They are in khaki and the caption reads Castel Benito which is now the international airport at Tripoli.

149 Squadron and Lancasters
Photo 1 is a group of airmen arranged in front of a Lancaster, parked in a hangar.
Photo 2 is three white painted Lancasters in loose formation flying over clouds.

Flying Officer Roy Padden DFC DFM
Photo 1 is of Roy Padden, mounted in a card with a personal message to Arthur.
Photo 2 is Arthur in uniform sitting on a fence.

Heavily damaged industrial plant belonging to the Robert Bosch Works. In the foreground an individual concrete air raid shelter.

A damaged railway bridge with many damaged buildings in the distance.

Damage to the marshalling yards at Hamm showing a track twisted in the air.

A low angle oblique aerial photograph of Dusseldorf showing heavy bomb damage to urban residential and industrial areas.

Ruins of the Saarbrücken-Burbach steel works
A conical air raid shelter at Saarbrücken-Burbach steel works.

Identification kindly provided by Frank Schilder of the Finding the location WW1 & WW2 Facebook group.

Photo 1 is of railway tracks and the remains of a coke separation plant.
Photo 2 is the remains of an industrial plant with a mangled over head crane above railway tracks.

Misburg Oil Refinery
Two photographs showing the remains of the heavily bombed Misburg oil refinery, Hanover. Situated between Misburg-Nord and Misburg-Süd, the site is located west of Anderter Straße. Nearby there are two adjoining canals, Mittelland and Stichkanal…

A view of the ruins of Hitler's villa and the SS Barracks.

The Nazi Martyr memorial.

Photo 1 is the ruined facade of Frederick's Museum.
Photo 2 is the staircases of apartment blocks, all that is left intact.
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