Group of men at the Ship Hotel and Arthur Thomas' Class



Group of men at the Ship Hotel and Arthur Thomas' Class


Photo 1 is a group of mostly men arranged outside the Ship hotel, Banwell. It includes his uncle, Ted. Dated early 1920s.
Photo 2 is a group of children in a classroom. Arthur is standing on the left. Dated possibly 1933.



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Early 1920’s. A group of local people outside the Ship Hotel, Banwell, Somerset.
Front row sitting, l. to R. Walter Day, Dennis Day (Father of Walter) S. Brafield, the fourth individual unknown.
Standing behind L. to R. Bob Croker. 2 J. Gyde. 3 ?. 4. Bert Hawkins, 5. Great Uncle Ted (Edwin) Thomas. 6. Charlie Watts, 7. B. Peters (Landlord). 8. Brafield. 9 J. Nuttycombe. 10 Dad R.H. Thomas 11 Walter Downs. 12 ? . 13. Algy Stephens. 14 ? Griffin. 15 Herbert Gain. 16 B. Harris.
Standing behind & in Porch. L to R. 1-2-3-4- [deleted] 5 [/deleted]- unknown. 5 John Hicks to left of pillar. 6. Dideways & behind Algy Stephens right shoulder W. Redding.


Banwell School. Possibly 1933. L to R standing. A.F. Thomas. 2 Hilda Lancaster. 3 Sidney Vale known as tripe because his Father was a local butcher. 4. Winnie Harris. 5. Margaret Stevens. 6 Percy Lewis known as Tacker. local tailors son. 7 Miss Cosgrave, 8 Albert Wall.
Rear row sitting. Marjorie Winston. 2 Bob Harris. 3 Marie Stabbins. 4 ?.
2nd row sitting. Ray Hayes. 2. Fred Rooke. 3 Pauline Baker. 4 ?. 3rd row. 1 Ray Gardiner 2 Ray Sugg. 3 Murice [sic] Hembury. 4 Fred Baker. Front row Bob Shallish. 2 Arthur Rose. 3 ?. 4 Dick Byles


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