Letter to Douglas Hudson from Dorothy



Letter to Douglas Hudson from Dorothy


Weekly update written as daily diary between 1 July 1942 and 5 July 1942 and including one entry for 31 July 1942. Covers activities and news of family and friends including work and rehearsal for play,



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Two page handwritten letter


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[inserted] 1-9-42 [/inserted]
Tel. 99 Idle.
Hill Cote,
148, Carr Road,

6th August 1942

My dear Douglas.

Here we are once again with the weekly news letter. Now let me see, where did we leave off? Oh yes! Here we are! 31:7:42. I was very busy at work, of course & didn’t get home till 8.0 p.m. After my dinner I dashed off to a choir rehearsal & called in at the Mechanics Inst. to see how they were getting on with the filling[?] of scenery & what not for our play
1:7:42. Busy at work again. Home 4.0 p.m. Had a rehearsal at 6.0 p.m. It went very well & the scenery being there was a great help to the actors.
2:7:42. Another rehearsal at 2.0 p.m. This time our dress rehearsal. I went to Eric’s to tea & at night, I was singing in a duet for Chapel. A very festive occasion!! (I was knocking at the knees throughout the whole performance!) I went back to Eric’s to supper & was home at

[page break]

about 11.15 p.m.
3:7:42. We had a day’s holiday, [indecipherable one or two words]. So in the morning Eric & I decided we go up the ldr[?] at the top of our staircase, you know[?] a hole[?] in the ceiling affair. We found all sorts of long lost treasures, but were we dirty when we’d finished!! In the afternoon we just [indecipherable word] about in the house, It was pouring with rain, & at night we went to the pictures to see “Reap the Wild Winds” with Paulene Goddard & Ray Millard[?]. Another lovely picture in technicolour.
4:7:42. Back to work again and at night – the play. It went off splendidly & the hall was simply packed, in fact they turned some people away, I believe. I was playing opposite a married man, so was quite safe -! I THINK (?)
5:7:42 Busy at work & at night went to the pictures again to see “My two husbands”. Sounds alright doesn’t it? Actually it was a bit daft, but quite enjoyed it.

That’s my news up to tonight so much close now, in case Mr Censor[?] is impatient.

Bye bye Doug. Be with you next Thursday

Lots & lots of Love
Dorothy XXX



“Letter to Douglas Hudson from Dorothy,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 14, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/22425.

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